Fabulous Christmas Decorating Ideas

PHOTO: Lisa Riso's Christmas table decorations are shown.
Courtesy of Lisa Riso

There's nothing more Christmassy than a beautiful tree filled with ornaments or a pretty wreath topped with a red bow. While the tree might be the main event, there are plenty of other places you can add festive holiday flowers to your home. Florist Lisa Riso put together these lovely looks that are easy for anyone to make at home.

To see more of Lisa Riso's beautiful designs, click here.

PHOTO: Lisa Riso's Christmas wreath is shown.
Courtesy of Lisa Riso
Holiday Wreath

There's nothing more festive than a wreath, and with the holidays in full swing it's the perfect time to make one.

Everything You Need: Boxwood or Balsam Wreath
Fresh Flowers of your choice – roses, pepper berry, winterberry or curly willow
Floral wire
Glue Gun

How to Make It: Start by buying an undecorated pretty wreath, such as a boxwood or balsam (both of which can be dried).

Add fresh flowers with inexpensive floral wire, which you can get at your local craft store. I like roses, Hydrangeas, rosehips, pepper berry, winterberry, and or curly willow. To attach the flowers use inexpensive floral wire or a glue gun. Stick them wherever you choose and get creative.

Note: When purchasing the flowers for your wreath, it is ok to ask your florist for a discount on older roses as they will be open and will dry perfectly. You have just added your own sense of style on your budget.

PHOTO: Lisa Riso's Christmas tree decorations are shown.
Courtesy of Lisa Riso
It's all About the Tree

I usually shop for a tall full tree that is reasonably priced and this year I went with a Balsam Fir. The one shown here was only $32. If you can't find this type I also recommend a Douglas Fir.

I love the fresh scent, and when properly cared for they will last well past the holiday season. The branches are strong enough to hold the gorgeous heavy ornaments, and does not require a lot of maintenance as the needles won't fall as quickly.

Again, adding fresh flowers to your Christmas tree decorations as you can see here brings that special natural element. When using fresh flowers, just simply cut the flower leaving approximately 7 inches on the stem, placing water tube on the bottom of the stem, and placing it in your tree. When using roses, place 3 or 4 stems in a bunch tape them around 2 inches from the flowers heads. Then place the water tubes on the stems, and you've just added extra depth and texture to your tree.

PHOTO: Lisa Riso's Christmas table decorations are shown.
Courtesy of Lisa Riso
The Show Stopper

What You Need: Long rectangular vase
Flowers – amaryllis, tulips, kale, silver brunia, green Amarantha, roses, lilies, cedar and pepper berry

How to Make It: This piece is in a long rectangular recycled glass vase, mixed with traditional flowers such as amaryllis and tulips, and unusual flowers such as Kale, silver brunia, and green amaranths. I also included roses, lilies, cedar, pepper berry in the arrangement.

PHOTO: Lisa Riso's Christmas table decorations are shown.
Courtesy of Lisa Riso
A Rustic Arrangement

What You Need: Mason Jars
Flowers of your choice (ranunculus, cedar tips, juniper, white tulips, white delphinium were used here)

How to Make It: Take Mason Jars and line them with fern.

Fill the jar with a variety of flowers like white Ranunculus, cedar tips, juniper, white tulips, and White Delphinium. This is a more casual rustic feel, but still beautiful.

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