'Good Morning America' Brings Back the '80s

VIDEO: Elizabeth, Sam and Lara are dressed to impress as George plays Mrs. Pac-Man.

As 1980s pop sensations Tiffany and Debbie Gibson took to the "GMA Summer Concert Series" stage today, "Good Morning America" celebrated the 1980s in a big way.

We brought some of our favorite memorabilia -- boom boxes and a Pac Man machine -- into Central Park for the occasion, and dug out our leg warmers, gym socks, sweatbands and scrunchies.

WATCH: 'GMA' 80's Flashback: July 29, 1986

Although the '80s are long gone, we'll always have the memories. "GMA" anchors shared photos of themselves from back in the day. What did George Stephanopoulos, Sam Champion and Elizabeth Vargas look like? Check it out.

PHOTO: George Stephanopoulos
Courtesy of George Stephanopoulos
'80s George Stephanopoulos

George is pictured in 1981 with a feathered hairdo and 80s sportcoat.

PHOTO: Sam Champion
Courtesy of Sam Champion
'80s Sam Champion

Sam's clean-cut vibe channels James Spader or a late-"Silver Spoons" Rick Schroeder, but he definitely has mastered the piercing stare.

PHOTO: Elizabeth Vargas
Courtesy of Elizabeth Vargas
'80s Elizabeth Vargas

"20/20" co-anchor Elizabeth Vargas said: "Look at all that hair" and "shoulder pads."

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