Kathy Freston on Her 'Quantum Wellness Cleanse'

As you read on about how an alcoholic drink is metabolized, you will see that it acts a lot like sugar in the body; you might get intense cravings and feel agitated if you don't "get your fix." Of course, this is all the more reason to break the physical habituation, at least for the length of the cleanse. Giving up gluten will not cause a physical sense of withdrawal, because you are likely to experience an almost instant relief from digestive problems (if you have them). The difficulty you may have, though, is in finding things that don't contain gluten. Breads and other products made with rice, corn, quinoa, potatoes, oats, and buckwheat are good bets. Honestly, just getting out of the bread habit alone will have you feeling leaner and cleaner in no time. Many people don't have an issue with gluten (I don't). But processed flours react in the body much the way straight sugar does. One of the more immediate benefits of giving up processed flours for this short time is that you put a pause on overindulging in the breads and cereals that tend to cause weight gain and fatigue. Despite what you may have heard, abstention from animal products will not deprive your body of any essential nutrients, and you won't feel tired or weak. There are plenty of proteins and amino acids in plant-based food, without all the unhealthy fat and additives. However, if meat was the mainstay of your diet before, you might feel a little lost and left out. This is good. It shakes things up. In fact, giving up animal products is one of the most important gifts you can give your body, mind, and spirit. And I will walk you through it, helping you discover all the ways to eat without animal protein. You may be breaking from the crowd, but you will also, at least temporarily, find yourself leading the pack for more holistic and responsible living. More on that later.

21-Day Quantum Wellness Cleanse

While I want to warn you that you may have cravings, I also want to stress that there are many, many people who don't have a hard time at all, and also stress that almost everyone feels lighter and more energetic within a day or two—I hear from people constantly who say they didn't even realize that they could feel so good. Their lethargic way of being had become their constant; with the cleanse, they realized that they could have more energy, need less sleep, and feel lighter and clearer, just by breaking their reliance on foods that are not right for the human body.

Simply put, what you are doing in this cleanse is eliminating common craving triggers, which are notorious for perpetuating the munchies (and then the self-flagellation that follows), as well as other unconstructive eating habits. You are giving your body a break from artificial stimulants and depressants, and in so doing you will find your own natural balance. You are giving your body both a good detox and a chance to release itself from the vicious cycle of addictive eating or drinking and the shame that follows. These are some big changes to make, I know, but we will make them methodically, learning about each as we go. It may feel like a swirl of chaos as you find your way, but things will become clearer and easier sooner than you can imagine.

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