'GMA' Quick Tip: Last Minute Holiday Gift Shopping Tips to Save Big

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So you're a last minute holiday shopper, and you're worried about getting your loved one a great gift while staying within your budget this season. Here are some unique ways to get what you want while saving money.

Try bargaining. When we think of bargaining, the place that usually comes to mind is the car dealership.

In these times, though, bargaining is not limited just to cars. The easiest place to bargain is at specialty or boutique stores. These stores have a lot of flexibility in the prices they're able to offer the products, so don't hesitate to ask for a lower price on an item you must have.

Bargaining is not just limited to smaller stores. Many large retailers will match another store's price, but you usually have to ask for it. If you see a product in another store advertised at a certain price, bring the ad into the store and see if they will match or beat it.

If you are shopping online, don't leave money on the table. Many retailers will have promotional or coupon codes. There are websites out there – such as www.currentcodes.com – that have promotional codes for many retailers. Also, look for free shipping on certain days. This could save you money, especially on larger orders.

Don't forget about coupons from online retailers. Websites such as www.couponcabin.com have thousands of coupons that can be used at nearly every kind of online retailer.

Many people don't realize that the best time to buy holiday items and gifts may actually be after the holidays.

Decorations, cards and other products tend to be deeply discounted by retailers right after the holidays.

Another thing to consider is that retailers who have too much inventory on a certain item and who need to get rid of the products by the end of the year may implement some large discounts. If you can hold off on some of your purchases until the start of the New Year, you may be able to save some serious cash.

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