'Psychic Intelligence' by Twins Who Claim They Can Predict the Future


Shortly after we moved to Los Angeles we figured out that there weren't many acting jobs calling for adult twins (unless your last name was Barbi and you worked with a stripper pole), but our psychic reputation was spreading by word of mouth, mostly through friends, and eventually we posted a tiny ad for our services in a small local publication. Much to our surprise, a producer for NBC television saw it and called us. After asking us to confirm that we were really twins and really psychics, she challenged us to do a spontaneous reading for her over the phone, which we did. She told us that we had just given her the most accurate reading she'd ever had, and invited us to appear with Sylvia Browne (who was, at the time, probably the bes tknown psychic in the country) and three other intuitives on an NBC program called The Other Side. It was the first of three appearances on that show, and we diagnosed people's illnesses on the air, with a respected doctor verifying our accuracy. The Psychic Twins were off and running!

Over the years we've appeared on more than one hundred television and radio programs and starred in fifteen documentary films profiling our psychic gifts. And we have made countless public predictions of world events—most notably the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on Art Bell's Coast to Coast AM radio program on November 2, 1999—that have cemented our reputation and made us the most documented psychics in the world. We've assisted law enforcement in solving murder cases, reunited families, predicted all kinds of natural disasters, and even diagnosed serious medical conditions and diseases.

But it's the work we do quietly and in private that has been our greatest reward. For more than twenty-five years now we have helped thousands of clients all over the world to gain insight into their past, better understand their present, and determine their true purpose. Our role, as we see it, is to shine a light into the darkness of the unknown so that people are better able to trust their own intuition, understand the mysterious world in which we live, gain a new perspective that allows them to make better choices, and create a more authentic and meaningful life for themselves.

Rather than simply persuading or convincing others of our predictive "rightness," we seek to enroll and empower them to discover for themselves what is possible on a personal and spiritual level. Our intention is to be the bridge that allows people to feel more connected, not only with one another but also with the energy of the Universe. We know that what we do is serious business, and while we go about it with humor as well as compassion, we always take it very seriously. Being a good psychic medium requires courage, intelligence, integrity, and most important, heart.

For us, tapping into the psychic energy of the Universe is as natural as breathing. It's no more difficult than turning on the radio, tuning in, and receiving information. We know that's not always easy for most people to believe, much less achieve. But we also know that everyone has some innate level of intuitive ability, and our goal in this book is to help you discover and nurture your own (natural) supernatural talents. You, too, can access this higher level of understanding that will allow you to unleash your true unlimited potential.

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