'American Idol' Judge Calls Job 'Torture'

American Idol judge Simon Cowell says even he thinks he sometimes looks "miserable" from the "torture" he endures in judging contestants, but he says he actually felt bad about one insult fired off during Tuesday's premiere of the reality show's second run.

"I must admit, I watched the show last night and I felt bad at one point," Cowell said today on ABCNEWS' Good Morning America. "It wasn't very good. This guy, he had this yellow suit on."

The unfortunate 18-year-old singer from Kansas, who chose a jarring yellow suit for his audition, seemed crushed after Cowell gave him the boot while mocking his unusual fashion choice.

Tears streamed down the young man's face as he told the show's host that he was there alone, with no family members or friends, and he didn't know how he was going to get back to Kansas.

"I feel real bad. You win some, you lose some," the contestant said before walking off camera.

Asked on Good Morning America if he would consider giving the singer in the yellow suit another shot, Cowell said only if the man's role was not a vocal one. "We'll use him as a mascot or something," he said.

‘I’ve Always Been Cruel’

Cowell, an opinionated British record executive, said being mean is not an act he saves for television appearances. "I've always been cruel," he said. "When people fall over, I find that quite funny."

Cowell said the second season of Fox's American Idol will likely be his last. "I didn't realize that I really did look miserable," he said. "It's taking its toll on me."

After the talent show became an unexpected TV hit last summer, Fox brought back it for a second edition during the more competitive winter season, which this year is filled with other highly rated reality shows such as ABC's The Bachelorette and NBC's Meet the Parents.

Besides Cowell, the series returns music industry judges Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson.

Flurry of Insults

Some of the amateur singers in Tuesday night's show were clearly shocked by the Cowell's reaction to their performance.

"This says you went to the Fame high school," he told one nervous contestant. "Did you get thrown out?"

To an aspiring youngster from Florida, he said: "I don't mean this to be unkind, but you have one of the worst singing voices possibly in Miami."

And to a dental hygienist: "You work in a dental office, so you are used to inflicting pain. Because you just did."