Julia Roberts Talks About New Film

UNDERWOOD IN MOVIE CLIP, FULL FRONTAL: "I suppose we've come a way since Sambone, Mr Bo Jangles. Show them the money now Cuba. Get 'em funny like Chris Rock or Tucker or Cooly to be anybody like Denzel, but wait he ain't even really gettin no lovin', like Sydney before him and whoever after him … romancin and dancin' with the mores passion ain't in the scripts equation."

SAWYER VOICE OVER TAPE: They filmed that scene last November, and just a few months later shared in Hollywood history at the Oscars. Julia presented Denzel Washington's Best Actor award, and Blair was sitting with Sidney Poitier, who was given a lifetime achievement Oscar that night.

UNDERWOOD: It was very surreal to me on many different levels to be in that box with him who inspired me to become an actor, to want to become an actor, and then to see Halle [Berry] and to see Denzel and then to see you give it to Denzel, it was just, it was amazing.

SAWYER: What did you learn about her as an actor ?

UNDERWOOD: Well, let me say …

ROBERTS: And he lets go of my hand.

UNDERWOOD: No. I have to say this because so often since I did this film, people want to know what is Julia Roberts like, the movie star, the greatest movie star of our time.


UNDERWOOD: All that stuff. Work with it. Work with it. You're going to blush? But truly what is incredible about her is that she is so available in every moment. Now, in the movie when we meet for the first time, we actually had just met five minutes prior to that, and she's right there. I mean, it's Acting 101, but she is a great actress in addition to everything else that comes along with it. Thank you for letting me get that out without shutting me up.

ROBERTS: Thank you, baby.

UNDERWOOD: It's true.

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