Musician Josh Clayton-Felt's Last Album

CUOMO: The singer and musician is gone, but the songs remain. The CD's arrival, today means to all who loved him that josh's work will finally find its listeners.

JEFF ROSENTHAL, JOSH'S BEST FRIEND: He imbued us with his spirit to fight for his music.

DREAMWORKS RECORDS PREZ MICHAEL OSTIN: I just felt that his work needed to be continued to be heard and we're excited about releasing the record.

CUOMO: remember that hit single his record company wanted so badly?

RAINA: He put the headphones on my head and he said I this is gonna be my hit single.

CUOMO: Just before he died, Josh recorded it one last time — tinkering to the very end. It's called "Building Atlantis" — its about spirit and survival.

LAURA BAKER: It's a song about bringing people together — about building a dream.

CUOMO: For Josh, and for those who love him, listen … (MUSIC)

For more on Josh's life and music, go to (

ABCNEWS' Brian O'Keefe produced this story for Good Morning America.

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