Can Cell Phones Cause Fires at Gas Pump?

Many gas stations have warnings posted to turn off your cell phone, but the cell phone industry says it is because gas stations bought into the myth and slapped up the stickers without looking at the facts. The industry cites two studies that conclude there is virtually no evidence that cell phones are a hazard around gasoline.

Tips to Avoid Static Fires

1. Do not get back in your car until you are finished pumping gas.

2. When you get out to pump gas, get rid of any static charge before you reach for the pump. That could be as simple as tapping the metal top of your car with your bare hand.

3. Experts say if a fire does start, never take the gas nozzle out of your car. That is the surest way to turn a bad situation into a tragedy. Everyone who has been hurt, injured, or has been killed, has pulled that nozzle out.

4. Never fill portable containers in or on a vehicle. Instead, put them on the ground. Like a person, a container can also become statically charged. If the earth's not there to absorb the voltage, the can itself may spark.

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