Can Frozen Eggs Help Extend Fertility?

But freezing your eggs isn't cheap. The procedure costs $15,000, a price that is out of reach for many of the women who would be the ideal candidates, those in their late 20s.

Jones says that as more women begin thinking pro-actively about reproduction, they are more likely to consider the procedure. Currently, most women who are freezing their eggs are those with cancer who are undergoing chemotherapy.

"This is something we can do to have more options, and so I think this has broad appeal to many different communities, both couples, single women, as well as the cancer patient where there is are a medical necessity," Jones said.

Westphal says she believes that professional young women will consider the procedure as time goes on. She says it will appeal to those women who want to preserve their options with very little medical risk.

"This is a common procedure. There are many, many thousands of egg retrievals done in the country and across the world every year," Westphal said. "Every procedure does have a small amount of risk, but we think that overall this is a relatively safe procedure to go through," she said.

While Jones says this won't be a magic fix for women who face various other fertility issues, she says it could give many women a sense of security.

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