Oprah Calls Her Biggest Moment a Big Mistake

"I went to interview her (Hayak) for my magazine and I thought it was going to be an hour, two hours," Winfrey said. "Four hours later we were still talking."

Winfrey revealed her secrets to getting through tough days.

"There have been some times, even here, you know, at work, if there's one more thing, I'm going to rip my clothes off and go screaming down the hall," Winfrey said. "When that happens, I go into my closet and I close the door, turn off the lights, and I sit on the floor and breathe until I can calm myself down and go back to something that is real, that is not, you know, the next person standing outside the door waiting to have a meeting."

But even after 20 years, Winfrey said she still has passion for her job.

"Now I feel like we kicked into another gear," Winfrey said. "I feel like, literally, something happened to me when I turned 50. I expected that it was going to be good because Maya Angelou had told me that the 50s are everything you've been meaning to be. That's when it all comes together and you will, you know, finish this decade and say, yeah, that's what it was meant to be."

Tune in to "Good Morning America" on Friday to hear about who she would kiss other than Steadman, her thoughts on Tom Cruise and more on the 20 years of her show.

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