Excerpt: 'The Hornet's Nest'

In the meantime, Colonel Campbell learned that Thomas Brown was in the area and, without consulting General Prevost, sent for the Ranger commander. They discussed alignment of military forces, and Campbell asked for advice. It had been raining for several hours, and Brown replied, "Colonel, my men and I know this region well. There is a ford near Ashe's camp that I'm sure is well guarded, but it can't be used except when the water is low. If this rain sets in, the lower reaches of Briar Creek will be flooding. Give me a chance to assess the situation, and I'll be back with you tomorrow morning."

As soon as their meeting was over, Brown sent for Newota.

The heavy rains continued, and when Briar Creek began to rise, General Ashe was even more convinced that the British would not be likely to make any troop movements during the inclement weather, much less to cross the swollen stream.

Copyright 2003 by Jimmy Carter

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