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Yep, it's day 47 of the challenge and I'm still here. Haven't given up yet. In fact, I think I'm feeling pretty good about it. Today's blog title is a shout out to Ena my kickboxing/dance class instructor. I know I talk about Ena quite a bit but she makes taking those classes so darn fun. That's why her class is sooo packed with sweaty bodies of all ages, body sizes, and ethnicities. That's why I (who am not known for being early to things) arrive 30 minutes early so I can carve out a spot in the front row.

She always says things like "Get whatcha came here for," and "Yes, you can!" and my favorite: "Shake it like you do when you're alone and nobody is watchin'." I'm definitely a "class girl." I like very intense physical stuff. I really get motivated by the energy of everyone in the room. Being there and seeing what my body can do makes me feel -- don't laugh -- like "an athlete." Not an Olympic athlete, just my own version of athlete, taking my body as far as it can go. And yes, last night at Body Jam I got what I went there for -- I came home dripping in sweat and I normally don't sweat. As for the fitness equipment, I only do the treadmill if I have to and I have some great music to listen to -- Justin, Missy Elliot, Beyonce, Shakira, Gwen Stefani and anything hip-hop.

I had a very emotional week. Marco was out of town and I was really sad about my brother and his kids not coming to my wedding so I had to stay busy. As of this afternoon, I will have five smiley faces on my calendar for this week. That means five workouts! Yeah, me!! My pre-Challenge response would've been to eat a brownie and a cappuccino.

Hopefully I'll see a change on the scale, if not, that's OK. It's not all about the scale!

April 11 -- Thanks Michelle and Teri!

Thanks to Michelle Lee, I've now torn my Month 2 calendar out of this month's issue of Self and placed it on the wall next to my computer. Being a teacher, I get a gold star for pounds lost and a happy face for working out. I'm color coding and using blue to signify strength-training sessions.

My students are checking it too to keep me on task. They always look to see what I'm having for lunch to make sure it's healthy! That calendar is now the last thing I see when I leave for the day. I want to make sure I can place a happy face the next day so I'm motivated to stick with my workout plans, no matter how tired or stressed I am at the end of the day.

Thanks to Teri, I'm now focusing on all of the good things I'm doing -- eating healthy, working out. I'm trying to banish the negative thoughts. Sometimes, you want to get instant results but it just doesn't work that way. It takes a lot of hard work and a lot of planning.

April 10 -- The Scale Is Not the Boss of Me

I have now officially declared war on that scale! It has refused to budge for the last few weeks. It's been hard to accept but I took a long look at diet and the activity I had for the last couple of weeks. I did decrease my workouts (I had some wedding planning to do), and I think I was actually on the lower end of my calorie goal. That's a first!

So, what should I do when that scale keeps smirking at me ? I bring on my "A" game. I'm increasing my workouts this week and I'll be watching my diet like a hawk! I've increased my vegetable intake and I'm confident it will help.

On the plus side:

1. My lean muscle mass keeps going up every week!

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