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I redeemed myself Saturday morning. After a super-healthy breakfast of oatmeal with a sprinkle of walnuts and wheat germ, Marco and I took a three-mile walk/run bright and early before we left for San Antonio to take our engagement pictures. He even gave me a new nickname, "little gazelle." If you ask me I'm nowhere near as graceful as a gazelle when I run, but I appreciated the comment nonetheless.

My lesson learned: Sometimes you just have to listen to yourself and give yourself what you need. Sometimes it's a pampering session.

March 29 -- Feel the Burn!

Wow, month two got off to a great start! My trainer Will really took it up a notch on Monday. My only consolation was that I made him sweat too. I take Tuesdays and Sundays off from working out. I normally work late and need a day to just come home and do laundry, dust, etc.

Wednesday and Thursday nights belong to Ena. She teaches kickboxing on Wednesdays and Body Jam on Thursday nights. I take Ena's class and always have a blast because nobody makes you want to try harder or sweat more. On the weekends I try to "connect with nature." That means taking a hike or long 3-5 mile walk. I just realized my wedding is a little over one and a half months away! I'm so excited and so lucky to be marrying Marco! This weekend we're going to San Antonio to take our engagement pictures. I'll send some as soon as I can.

Week 4: Bootylicious!

Michelle is "Bringing Sexy Back," Terri is running a 5K, and I'm feeling quite "bootylicious." Sorry Beyonce, there's a new sheriff in town, thanks to all those squats and lunges I'm doing. Maybe it's just my imagination, but I think my fiance Marco has been checking me out a lot more since I started the Challenge. Hmm, I think he thinks I'm pretty all over again! NIIICE!

Well last week was a little nuts. I stayed late at work cleaning my room and trying to put it in some semblance of order for national TV! One unknown fact about teaching is that it means tons of paper work -- whether it is student work or administrative stuff, you can quickly get lost in the quicksand of it all. I have to say, I was so touched by all of the offers to help me work on my room. Thank you Kathryn, Jeannette, Martin, and Luz! You guys rock!

Also, thanks to everyone who got here at 6 a.m. to support me that day! I've never seen my kids so happy or so exited. One of my students told me that Friday was "the best day of his life!" That's pretty powerful coming from a six year old. Much fun was had by all. I enjoyed meeting Sam, Anthony, Lucy and Liz. They were just as sweet as I had imagined!

Needless to say, it was hard getting back to work, but the kids went right into science as if nothing had happened. They are amazing -- I've got the best kids ever!

On Saturday, Marco and I took advantage of the beautiful weather in Austin and decided to take our workout outdoors. We drove around and figured out a cool three-mile loop that is both scenic and challenging. Austin is very hilly. We really worked up a sweat. Next weekend, we're planning to go to Town Lake to work out on the hike and bike trail. That trail is the crown jewel of Austin as it winds around the lake. I'm lucky to live in such a beautiful city. It's even more beautiful now that spring has sprung. I don't know why but I love to say "spring has sprung."

This week I promise to work extra hard on my cardio and strength routine. Can't wait to start the new stuff!!

Happy St. Patty's Day

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