Football Sweethearts Hitched Without a Hitch

It was a fairy-tale wedding for Boise State running back Ian Johnson and his new bride, head cheerleader, Chrissy Popadics.

Their Saturday nuptials in Boise, Idaho, went off without a hitch -- despite racist threats over their planned interracial union.

"We were overwhelmed with joy and happiness it was beautiful," the groom's father said.

The couple has received dozens of angry phone calls and letters that have included death threats over their interracial union. Off-duty police officers were even hired to protect them during the wedding.

A Boise State football spokesman told ABC News: "There are a lot of ignorant people out there, and to this day some people still haven't advanced in their beliefs."

But Johnson and Popadics weren't going to let anything ruin their happy ending.

"He did really well I am proud of him. I was so proud of both of them," the father added.

But the Cinderella moment came last January when Johnson popped the question to Popadics on national television after scoring the winning points in overtime against Oklahoma.

The pair quickly became America's sweethearts, even appearing on "Good Morning America."

"I knew it was coming sometime, and I was thinking, 'What a perfect time,' at the Fiesta Bowl, but I thought there was no way it could happen," Popadics said.