Excerpt: 'Gorgeously Green'

I love that I can bring the eco-ethic into every single area of my crazy life as a mother, gardener, cook, writer, yoga teacher, and consultant. I have found a way to care for myself and my family and my environment as never before; and I'm constantly learning new things. I am happier and more fulfilled than I have ever been. Even on a bad day, I can still manage to flick off a light switch, recycle a yogurt cup, and feel Gorgeously Green.

I don't know about you, but I have to be inspired to do something. I have tons of really good intentions and plans for the future, but the only way I'm going to get off my backside is when I see someone doing something that blows me away. Over the past few years, I have met a number of incredible people who have moved me by their compassion and love of the earth and all living things. I want what they have got. I want to walk around with my head high, feeling proud of all the choices I am making. I want to be a woman who takes care of myself and the world around me. I want to have self-respect and a great body! I want to live my deepest core values and look totally gorgeous. I want each year to get better as I grow older. I want to become kinder, wiser, and more beautiful, and I want to see this reflected in the world around me. I want my hair to shine, my skin to glow, and my heart to sing. I want it all. Our life on this planet is relatively short, so let's not treat it like a rehearsal--let's get the show on the road. Together we can do it.

Begin to inspire yourself and everyone around you. I'm telling you — it is an exciting and fabulous way to live.

The Eight-Step Program

Gorgeously Green is an upbeat and solution-oriented eight-step program that will show you how to live a sustainable life in style. From lipsticks to lightbulbs, you will learn how to feel gorgeous without polluting yourself or the planet. You will be led step by step down the green carpet to a lifestyle choice that can make you healthier and happier. The program incorporates beauty, style, fitness, home, kids, and cooking. It' s a one-stop shop for the whole shebang.

The first step is an exciting exploration of your life. It's all about becoming aware. You will complete a checklist, which we will come back to at the end of the course. The second step dives straight into your beauty regime so that you can "green" it as soon as possible. Step 3 outlines a fabulous home yoga practice. You can join in the fight against global warming by using less fossil fuel and get a great body in the process. If shopping is your thing, you'll see in step 4 that you don't have to go without to be green. You can have your cake and eat it, too. I make the greening of your home supersimple, easy, and fun in step 5 by covering every room of your house and then moving into your yard. In step 6, we'll move into Gorgeously Green cuisine — delicious recipes that are superhealthy and completely sustainable. Step 7 is about your transportation, eco-vacations, eco-entertainment, and more. Step 8 will take you out of the home and into the world to discover where your passion lies. You will revisit the checklist from step 1 and see that you are already making a difference. Finally, you can create an ecomission statement by going through the study pages at the end of the book.

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