Meet the McCain Children

It's been said that when a person runs for president, the whole family runs for president.

For the McCains, that means nine people involved in a complex campaign. Right now, John, Cindy and the seven McCain children are in St. Paul, Minn., home of the Republican National Convention, and are spread out all over town engaging in politics and public service.

But who are they?

The McCain household, like so many in America, is a blend. Navigating through the McCain family album might require a road map.

When John McCain married his first wife, Carol, he adopted her sons from a previous marriage. Doug, 48, is a pilot for American Airlines, and Andy, 46, is an executive at the family beer distribution company, Hensley & Co.


John and Carol McCain had Sidney, who is now 41 and in the music business in Toronto. After John and Carol McCain divorced in 1980 and John married Cindy, they had three children, Meghan, Jack and Jimmy. They adopted another child, Bridget, from Bangladesh.

Meghan, 23, is a Columbia University grad and has been a constant presence on her father's campaign. She also writes about her experiences on the road at

"I wouldn't do this if it wasn't really fun," she said last year on "Nightline." "And I think anyone that looks at my blog can tell that we're having a good time."

She also has written a children's picture book, "My Dad: John McCain," which was just released Sept. 2.

McCain's two younger sons are in the military. Jimmy, a 20-year-old Marine, has served a tour in Iraq. Jack, 22, just graduated from the Naval Academy and shares a love for NASCAR with his mother.

As for Bridget, her story with the McCains began in 1993 when Cindy visited Bangladesh and met the baby at an orphanage, who had a severe cleft palate.

Cindy decided to bring the baby back to the United States, where she underwent years of surgery. Today, she's a typical 17-year-old.

John McCain said he likes to get the seven kids together at least once a year -- Republican convention or not.