Excerpt: 'Sam Saboura's Real Style'

You can wear pants in just about any style -- as long as they' re long enough. They should be three-quarters of an inch above the heel in the back, with a break in the front and a hemline that covers the top of your shoe. Avoid buying a too-short pair just because you like them and they fit everywhere else. Unless there's enough fabric in the hem to lengthen them, they will never be more than well-fitting pants that are too short. Also beware of pants that have an extremely flared leg. They add too much weight to the bottom of your slender frame, throwing you visually off balance.

Though it's fine to flaunt your height with stilettos and the like, keep in mind that flats and lower heels are always a winner for the willow. They're chic and classic, and will keep you from towering over your shorter friends on days when you prefer to blend in.

In choosing outfits, try separates that cut your long frame in half. A flowy skirt with a high boot can bring interest to your lower body. For contrast, add a fitted tank or long-sleeved knit top. If you love wearing dresses, try belted styles that tie at the waist to play up your lean middle.


Best Features: Height and Long Limbs

You're blessed with a willowy look -- go ahead and flaunt it.

High-end designers cut and style their clothing with your body type in mind. Instead of searching for days to find three pairs of so-so pants that fit your budget, spend the sum total on one perfect pair that costs a bit more. You'll acquire a ward robe of great-fitting clothing over time.

Go for contrast when you dress, layering to your heart's content. Your lean frame can handle the extra coverage, and you'll add style and dimension to your look. Try pleated skirts for fullness, textured fabrics for interest, and jackets and shirts with large collars and exaggerated cuffs. Wear lighter, softer colors. You have less to minimize, so darker shades can work against you by making you look too tall or too lean -- and, yes, sometimes that is not a good thing. Also avoid super-snug clothing, because it can take you from slender to rail-like.

Go for prints and patterns

As a willow, you're among the lucky few who can wear large prints, so wear them with wild abandon. They're striking, and you carry them well because they won't overwhelm your tall frame.

The Hourglass

You have a curvy figure, with a full bust, small waist, and full bottom. Some people accuse you of dressing too sexy when you're not even trying. You make a magnificent Marilyn Monroe at Halloween, and you have the most sought-after body in history. Embrace those curves! Women spend tens of thousands of dollars on cosmetic surgery trying to get a body like yours.

For starters, invest in a pencil skirt. It's sexy yet classy, and the slightly tapered bottom will show off your curvy figure. Team it up with a contrasting belt that defines your slender waistline and draws attention to it. Look for fitted tops that nip in at the waist and stop somewhere between the waist and hips, bringing the eye to one of your best features. Avoid full or blousy styles that can hide your body.

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