Transcript: Costner Inspired by Exxon Valdez to Create Oil-Cleaning Machine

And for me, this is-- it would be interesting if this circle closes in 15 years. No one would be happier that … this is a good ending. You know, I make long movies, so maybe this is (LAUGH) you know, maybe-- maybe this is a long story. But … it's important to know that … this (UNINTEL) has been there. And industry and government has known about it. All right. So what? So what?

The … thing is, is there's fishermen down there with wives and children who do not know that their way of life, they don't know … what next week is going to be. We're sitting here talking, I have it good. I mean, there's not anybody looking at this right now that's not going to think, "That … Chad has it pretty good." But if you can look out on that horizon, you can actually see oil barracks. Can you seem them out there?


COSTNER: That could come on this beach. And right now, the world can walk on this beach. When government does something good, they made sure that even though rich people can live on the beach, they couldn' t … they can't own it.


COSTNER: --anybody can walk on this beach. And so any one of us could right now, the, you know, if we're lucky, the dolphins'll come here and put on a show for free. And they come almost every day. But if something out there happens, you know, and it's not just an oil brig.

You know, we deal with a myriad of problems that could-- could hit us. You know, if-- if somethin' goes south in Alaska tomorrow, if somethin' goes south here, if something-- tragic happens again in the Gulf, what are we gonna do? That's why I said there's-- this has got to be looked at as almost a war effort.

This can't be a passive response and people-- in the know, once it becomes not, not a headline for them, it will always be a headline for the Gulf Coast, but when it's not a headline for them, to know that these things are legislative. These things have to come and they have to come now.

CHAMPION: And is this the answer? Or is this an answer?

COSTNER: This is an answer. This is a … part of this … giant puzzle. But this is almost your-- your most basic s … I made an analogy in Congress where I said, "Let me paint a picture." Because I could-- I could look at everybody and I was thinkin', "I'm not gonna win them over with the … . I just knew it. And I said, "Imagine if you had a boat, okay? A really big boat. A yacht kind of boat. A boat that everybody out there having a beer right now goes, 'I wish I had one.'

"And I'm talkin' about a boat that has all the gadgets. Has … an extra fishing boat on top. The boat's so big it can carry a fishing boat. (LAUGH) Where we just stare at it in awe, right? Has a helicopter pad and a helicopter. Has the jet skis. Has everything that you'd want. All the gadgets. And now there's an explosion and this boat's going down. And it's going to sink below the water. And so you take a look at it and you realize that your helicopter sunk. And your fishing boat sunk. And your water skis, your jet skis, gone.

"And now you're fighting for life and limb and you're trying to save your wife and your children. And the only thing that's going to keep them afloat is that ugly little orange life preserver that you have hidden out of view, that you have stowed somewhere else. And if you get your hands on that, you can save your wife and you can save your kids. And that's what this machine represents.

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