Transcript: LeBron James Talks to 'Good Morning America'

ROBERTS: Ultimately, I don't care who we are, we wanna please our parents.

JAMES: Absolutely. I want her to be happy and she is.

ROBERTS: Well, I gotta say, you know, we've been living with this decision, knowing this for about an hour. And you feel much more comfortable. You were heavy. When you walked in this door-- and I've known you for a while, I could feel the weight on you. I mean, describe how it was when you walked in here and how heavy it was for you.

JAMES: It was tough. It was definitely tough because I know that the fans and the people in Ohio and in Cleveland itself-- wouldn't be able to understand it. And me being a loyal guy, I can understand where they come from.

But at the same time, I had to do what was in my best interest. And just like you said, Robin, it was definite-- it was hard. It was a lot of weight on my shoulders. There was, you know, the relief now. I mean, I feel back to normal.

ROBERTS: You know, and in an hour's time, you're more of yourself. Because when you walked in, even when you announced and you said "Miami Heat"-- well, first of all, you said, "I'm heading to South Beach." That's what you—

JAMES: Right.

ROBERTS: But it-- there was no-- there wasn't joy. It was just like this was a business decision. And I know how hard that had to have been because Ohio has been your home, as you said, all your life.

JAMES: Absolutely. And I look at it as -- it's a relationship. It was a relationship that I had with the organization, with that city. You know, you built a lot and you've done some things, you've done great things. You had the ups and downs. It's almost like a relationship you may have with a lady where you've been with that person for seven years and you've seen it all. You've grown together. You've been through the ups and downs.

And one day you guys just don't see it the same way. You have to move on for the better. And that's how I feel. It hurts. It definitely hurts. It hurts me to say that I'm moving on. But I have to do what's best.

ROBERTS: I know when we first saw you on the scene, you're 18 years old, fresh faced, wide eyed. And we've seen you grow and mature. And the fans there have seen that from you, too. And, yes, they're hurt. And you know what's going on in Cleveland right now. And it's-- I think in time they'll understand. But you can understand, too.

JAMES: Absolutely. I can understand.

ROBERTS: What do you want to say to them?

JAMES: Well, the time that I spent there was great and will always be remembered. The things that I was able to do and the things that we were able to do as a collective group, meaning myself and the fans and the organization, we did things that the city had never seen before, the organization had never seen before.

And-- I want them to know that every night I went out there, I did it for them. I didn't do it for anyone else but besides those fans 'cause I wanted to please them every night I went on the basketball court.

ROBERTS: You're taking less money. Dwyane is taking less money. Chris Bosh, I mean, if you all went someplace and it was just about the money, you could have made a lot more staying in Cleveland. And they could have made a lot more if you weren't a part of the team.

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