Unlikely Animal Bond: Great Dane and Deer

Nat Geo Wild explores the relationship between Kate the dog and Pippin the orphan fawn.
2:08 | 11/22/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Unlikely Animal Bond: Great Dane and Deer
Now, a look at odd couples in the animal kingdom. Animals you wouldn't think would be pals are living together in harmony. Loving and caring for each other. And a new show on nat geo wild, "unlikely animal friends" explores those special relationships. Take a look. It's an unusual case of puppy love, swimming with the dolphins. Friendi iing a cheetah. Or cuddling a bear. Some dogs aren't just man's best friend. Meet kate. She's a great dane, originally bred for hunting big game. And this little fawn is tippen, a newborn abandon by her mother. She was alone, hungry and vulnerable. She was going to die. When we picked her up, she weighed about five pounds. Skin and bones. Really dehydrated. I put her on the dog's bed. And that was that. Reporter: What happens when a great dane and an orphan fawn crossed paths? They became best friends for life. It all started a few years ago on this farm in british colombia. Kate began to care for the orphaned fawn. And a special friendship blossomed. She's the an amazing dog. And instantly, she took to the fawn. She was glad she finally had something of her own to look after. Reporter: Kate's maternal instincts kicked in, keeping a watchful eye as tippen grew up. I expected kate to give the deer a nice, warm audience feeling like she wasn't alone. But I didn't expect this amazing relationship to develop between them. Reporter: When tippen was nearly fullside, a nearby herd accepted her. But she never forgot the dog who saved her life. One day, she appeared in the yard with her babies. She came home with them. It was the most amazing thing to see. Reporter: Years later, tippen and kate remain the best of friends. Isn't that just adorable? So heartwarming. "Unlikely animal friends" premieres tomorrow on nat geo wild.

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{"id":17786337,"title":"Unlikely Animal Bond: Great Dane and Deer","duration":"2:08","description":"Nat Geo Wild explores the relationship between Kate the dog and Pippin the orphan fawn.","url":"/GMA/video/animal-bond-great-dane-deer-17786337","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}