Star's Small Scrape With Law Had Big Impact

Anthony Mackie discusses his role in his new film, "Pain and Gain."
3:00 | 04/25/13

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Transcript for Star's Small Scrape With Law Had Big Impact
New comedy baiting game -- tells a story it's a true crime story of gang the body builders who decided to achieve -- American dream by stealing somebody else's baby Maggie didn't have to join us this is. It's and it's a crazy story the son Jim -- right what did you know anything about it before. I knew nothing about it I couldn't believe it was a real when I read the script because you know. It's so much bigger than what our imagination to -- possible. So once I started reading into a reserve started these guys a lot of control so once Michael -- with that I was. Dying to be a part of their comedic elements there -- some other extreme caution that the end does commit the crimes but. Your character how do you see Adrian. You know Adrian is -- grounding force of the group and he's the one guy who truly wants to. Embodied the American dream you know and everybody goes out and buy -- sports cars and start Dayton. You know party girls and by big houses he gets a little house marries a girl and he's just taking servicemen -- at all it's a spoiler alert of sorts the realized Adrian. Is on death row right now did you speak to him did you want to talk now four and -- -- wanted to -- then once I started doing research I heard this story about him he. When they were given out the sentences they looked around he wasn't in a courtroom. They go -- form and he was. Having sex with his paralegal in the bathroom. And so that's I'll let you -- -- everything I need this that's reasonable and now at fifty to a gangster squad Hurt Locker adjustment bureau so many credits. But I do love this story don't that the -- your most known for. Here and overseas as. I'll have to say -- -- -- maybe -- it was I was just in Dublin for a Saint Patrick's Day. And all these guys in this pub just artistry republic. Public document just carried me all around that followed there was. It was insane got a lot going on as well including. The captain America's CBS Captain America on the what's on the horizon for -- well -- play the falcon. And the falcon Captain America and black widow get together to take down the winter soldier spandex about got to get. How is I know what the suit when I did operating game Michael comment told him to our spandex and -- -- and said okay. So this when I had to put the spandex aside in put on a -- military's thousand it's a great movie it's pain and gain it opens tomorrow nation -- he's indymac.

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{"id":19041000,"title":"Star's Small Scrape With Law Had Big Impact","duration":"3:00","description":"Anthony Mackie discusses his role in his new film, \"Pain and Gain.\"","url":"/GMA/video/anthony-mackie-interview-pain-gaing-stars-small-scrape-19041000","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}