'Breaking Bad' Star Aaron Paul Has a 'Need for Speed'

The actor plays Tobey Marshall in the movie based on the popular videogame franchise.
3:00 | 03/12/14

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Transcript for 'Breaking Bad' Star Aaron Paul Has a 'Need for Speed'
Here a many social square with Aaron Paul a twist on our Twitter mirror. We you saw there earlier. Viewers voting on Twitter. They wanted our crew to photobomb you wearing clown noses. After two seasons on "Breaking bad," it's a "Need for speed" you have so we'll start here at social slots. Somebody has a question for you on the Twitter, the question will be thus "Did you have a love of racing cars growing up?" Yeah, I mean I don't know -- not necessarily racing but I love cars. And it is fun to race. It is fun to race. You love the cars and now let's go. You -- because this is very -- I'll tell you what, if you come a couple weeks ago you were going to sit down and sell a movie but now we have you running through hoops. Which side -- You choose. I'm going to go here. Take it. Hello, everyone. Let's talk about hoad knead. Underground street racing, drag racing. Yes. Training? I mean there's no way, right, to adequately play your character without having some training. No, I signed on to the project 3 1/2 months out and so I was on the racetrack as often as I could be really just learning how to maneuver the cars and have fun, crazy way. Not take out the crew. Not take out the crew, director or camera. Hit your spot. All right, we want to take a look at a clip, take a look. You may want to close your eyes for this. Is it worse than bop, bop, bop? All right. Nour just aim for the trees. Spread your wing, beauty. Oh. I want to hope that we actually land that thing I think we stick the landing. Yeah, you stick the landing and they actually did that. I mean everything you see in this film is camera. No cgi, no green scream, crazy. I understand you initially -- the filmmakers maybe considered you for the bad guy based on seeing you there in "Breaking bad" but an audition tape maybe changed the mind? They actually -- wasn't an audition tape. It was Spielberg and Scott Waugh saw tape on me from the show and some other projects and they decided that I would be a good fit for the lead, yeah. And so a lot of people, hitting us on Twitter, "Breaking bad" spin-off better call Saul. "Better call Saul." Might we see Jesse again? I hope so. Millions of people -- I hope so. I love playing him. I love him so much and it's a prequel so it would be nice to play Jesse in his lighter happier, lappier years. Figure out how he got there. Before you go, I want to ask you the "Breaking bad" finale, great, helped to raise $2 million for your wife's anti-bullying campaign. How is it now? Incredible. She's able to tour across the country, speak to young girls about the effects of bullying all for free and it's just incredible. Awesome. Your love and your romantic side put us all to shame. Oh, I love you. Happy early first anniversary. Thank you so much. So soon. The great Aaron Paul. Thank you, all. Thank you, guys. "Need for speed" opens nationwide this Friday. Start the letter writing campaign. Let's go see Jesse in "Better call Saul" as well. Coming up, designer Diane

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{"id":22874900,"title":"'Breaking Bad' Star Aaron Paul Has a 'Need for Speed'","duration":"3:00","description":"The actor plays Tobey Marshall in the movie based on the popular videogame franchise.","url":"/GMA/video/breaking-bad-star-aaron-paul-speed-22874900","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}