Real Women Get the Cover Model Retouching Treatment

Watch these women's surprising reactions to seeing themselves styled and photoshopped like supermodels.
3:00 | 02/18/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Real Women Get the Cover Model Retouching Treatment
If you ever wished you could look like the flawless models on magazine covers you're about to meet some real women who got that chance and, well, perhaps you won't believe their reactions. ABC's linsey Davis has the story. Reporter: We're bombarded with images of striking beauties every day but are we getting the real picture? Lena Dunham, Melissa Mccarthy apparently photo shopped on the covers of high-fashion magazines removing every flaw but isn't that the kind of perfection women want to see? You look at yourself and you know you can never attain that ideal. Reporter: Apparently not. Buzzfeed asked four women to participate in a photoshop experiment. He can be hard when you see models and celebrities and like you just don't look the same. Reporter: Had the model in a professional photo shoot. Then photoshopped the images to make the women look like cover models removing curves, problem others and wrinkles. Their reaction might surprise you. I feel like it doesn't even look like me? Why would you want to make someone look so different. I like my freckles. I think they add character. The fact that they're gone I don't even know who that is. I think this video shows that those images that ideal is not reality. Reporter: I almost didn't recognize myself after undergoing a virtual nip and tuck. And these women were more bewildered than excited. This is how I always wanted to see myself. But now that I see it, I'm like questioning why I ever wanted to look like that. Reporter: You would assume when they look at a flawless photo of themselves they would be so excited. However, women see this photo and think to themselves, where are all the aspects that make me unique and beautiful? Reporter: Could it be that women who are typically their own worst enemies and harshest critics are actually embracing the notion their imperfections are part of who they are. Retailers might say yes. American eagle using real women in their intimate spring collection. No air brushing, just embracing natural beauty. You just have to know that the ideal just doesn't exist. Reporter: Perhaps a sign that women are becoming more comfortable in our own untouched, unphotoshopped skin. For "Good morning America," linsey Davis, ABC news, new York. And we asked you at home to vote. Our "Gma" flash poll, do you think photoshopping enhances beauty O diminishes it? Survey says 82% say it does not -- it diminishes it. Only 18% say photoshopping enhances it. I like that. I like that, America. And they are right. Absolutely. Comfortable in your own skin. Well, and thing Lahr ships about anybody, things that define you as a person is what -- that's what makes you beautiful. But it was very revealing because you would think most women you talk to, oh, boy, I would love to have a makeover. Then when you see yourself you're like, my. Kind of reassuring. It is. You got that right, George.

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{"id":22562123,"title":"Real Women Get the Cover Model Retouching Treatment","duration":"3:00","description":"Watch these women's surprising reactions to seeing themselves styled and photoshopped like supermodels.","url":"/GMA/video/buzzfeed-real-women-cover-model-treatment-22562123","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}