Carrie Ann Inaba Brings 4-Legged Friends to 'GMA Live'

The "Dancing with the Stars" judge brings adoptable cats from Purina One's upcoming cat cafe.
2:10 | 04/24/14

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Transcript for Carrie Ann Inaba Brings 4-Legged Friends to 'GMA Live'
As a -- -- -- he -- but heck yeah. Rob you got it I just -- past the litter box in the -- -- is this for those that are not pleasant remedial the highest since then. Eleven the ending of the president well you've -- he couldn't Pamela. -- you had a little. Yes you actually I'm here today is that working with Purina one -- they are doing their first ever -- kept -- Cut down on -- associate -- so it's a place streaking go hang out with the cast either all adopt look at the North Shore animal rescue. But these beautiful we're all gonna be down there and you can hang out have cappuccinos. And kept Tina and top -- -- -- -- back fun you know Purina one came up with Jessica. Julio. Looking for ways of her hands pet owners and their their cat's lives and I have forecast for my own into my -- to 28 day period when challenged. And it was amazing the difference I thought of their opening the cat cafe for the people -- -- -- sign -- for the twenty -- challenge and it's been. Amazing and we're also here to help get these animals rescue which is the most important part. This -- is available this -- available you can got everybody off all the top ones can be a wonderful day I want everyday he would get that that pet owner of both -- and I have -- dogs but we love cats as well I could tell you're doing well and but it's -- -- to go anywhere we you can enjoy a couple of poppy you're thinking because. You can't -- -- -- dogs in the rich so and you know this what's cool about this isn't really popular in Europe and Asia and he freaking going to hang out cast his captivity calming and they think they've nurtured herself. Seeking go -- hand -- and these cat people even those some experts and -- -- veterinarian cannot be that would be talking about all the different ways to enhance the health and lifestyle. So -- an animal -- timing will get to a -- -- high yeah. Reality and cat lover you add ironically that American wickedly fun and how to act she can go down to and the cat cafes that 168 Barrett today will be there all weekend today tomorrow -- Thursday August it's Myron. What is the Saturday Saturday went yeah I was like what you -- that's a good place called it luck and a -- going to be a lot of fun -- yeah yeah there's only eat animals get homes and that this -- and.

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{"id":23453780,"title":"Carrie Ann Inaba Brings 4-Legged Friends to 'GMA Live'","duration":"2:10","description":"The \"Dancing with the Stars\" judge brings adoptable cats from Purina One's upcoming cat cafe.","url":"/GMA/video/carrie-ann-inaba-legged-friends-gma-live-23453780","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}