MTV's 'Catfish' Series Pulls Back Curtain on Online Profiles

"Catfish: The TV Show": Nev Schulman helps expose false identities in online relationships.
5:53 | 11/30/12

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Transcript for MTV's 'Catfish' Series Pulls Back Curtain on Online Profiles
Now, we turn to the big question for so many people looking for love online. Do you really know who you're falling in love with on the other side of that screen? And what happens when the person isn't who they say they are? A new mtv reality show called "catfish," the tv show is documenting the surprising first encounters. Take a look. Millions of people start relationships online. But love in cyberspace isn't always as it seems. Hi, I'm nieve. A couple years ago, I fell in love online. I thought I fell in love with megan. But megan was really angela. I was heartbroken. Reporter: So many people like nieve have fallen in love with a catfish. That means someone online who's really pretending to be someone else. He's made a wildly popular documentary about it. And now, has a new tv show. I'm hitting the road to help people meet their online loves for the first time. Reporter: Like sunny. She's been in an online relationship with jamison for eight months. But they've never met. So, nieve pays sunny a visit. Tell me about your connection with jamison. We have a very emotional connection. You can't help what the heart wants. It just does. He is just sexy. I don't know why. Yeah. Got this, like, chill jaw. Reporter: As he finds out more about jamison, things seem a little fishy. He's going to be an anesthesiologist. He does online classes. He takes classes online to be an anesthesiologist? He's so smart. He's one of the writers for "chelsea lately." Reporter: After a little more sleuthing, nieve and max find out things are not adding up. I'm looking for a reference. Jamison king? Reporter: Nieve decides to give jamison a call. Hello? Hey, jamison. Reporter: He convinces him it's time to end sunny's misery and meet face-to-face. A life-changing road trip. Reporter: But nothing repairs her for what she's about to see. We're looking for jamison. Hello. Is he here? It's me. What? So, you've been pretending to be this guy? How long now? At least four years. Reporter: Sunny has now moved on. She's in a relationship. And even got to meet the real jamison. He's as gorgeous as he was on his picture. Oh, my. It is just shocking. And we have now the duo behind "catfish," the tv show. Nieve and max. I want to talk about sunny. Who is the new boyfriend? Did she meet him online? No. Sunny has a new boyfriend. But he's very much a real guy that she met, I think, locally in her hometown. I'm sure she really got a shock and perhaps learned her lesson. Tell me about the person, the woman, playing the guy, jamison. She said she'd been doing it for four years. How many other people do you think she has duped? There's a number of people in her network over the years. A lot of other girls, starting girls in high school. And then, just other people who randomly added her as a friend on facebook. She kept it going and going. Did she explain why to you? Did you get behind the psychologist of it? She did. Chelsea had a bad experience early on in high school. She was getting bullied. There was a girl in her class that said some things that hurt her feelings. And in an effort to get back at that girl, she thought, I'll make a profile for a really handsome guy and I'll mess with her. Wow. And then, it got kind of -- one thing turned into another. A sociopath. She liked the attention she was getting as this handsome guy. She ended up using it as a way to explore her sexuality. And ended up coming out to us on the show. She would be what we could call a catfish, a term I hasn't heard. Can you explain what it is and what to look for? It has a layered meaning. Right now, what it means is a catfish is someone who is pretending to be someone that they're not, online, using fake identities, generally, to, you know, fall in love with someone or get someone to fall in love with them. But the term actually comes from the film. It comes from this elaborate story about when they used to ship cod from alaska to china. And originally, when they were shipping the cod they would ship them in the big vats. When the cod arrived in china, their skin would be mushy and tasteless. Someone had an idea to put catfish in to chase the cod around to keep them agile and keep them on their toes. So, when the cod arrived in china, they tasted better. Nieve, you were the victim of a catfish. You did this incredible documentary, that has so much buzz. What advice do you have for our viewers? I think everybody's online, obviously, to some degree. We all use social networking. And we all kind of curate our online identities. And some take it further and become the person they wish they could be in real life online. Things to look out for, really, how much personal time and information you're willing to invest. Before you meet these people. In a relationship with someone you've never met. Or someone you have a mutual friend with or someone you can skype with. You just have to be careful. You learned all too well. I want to thank both of you for being here and explaining the term, catfish. You can see the show, "catfish," the tv show, airs monday on mtv.

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{"id":17846144,"title":"MTV's 'Catfish' Series Pulls Back Curtain on Online Profiles ","duration":"5:53","description":"\"Catfish: The TV Show\": Nev Schulman helps expose false identities in online relationships.","url":"/GMA/video/catfish-documentary-heads-mtv-show-pulls-back-curtain-17846144","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}