Clay Sculptor Has Been Making Art Since She Was 8

Taylor Zitman discusses her art with Josh, Lara and Sam.
2:24 | 04/10/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Clay Sculptor Has Been Making Art Since She Was 8
Involved to celebrate -- what we do we have an artist by the way it was a very special talent when introduced Eugene Taylor that meant. Who's been making incredible clay sculptures and she was just eight years old when she was fifteen she started her own business of selling her original work and -- not only that she got. Acclimation -- she is -- I love. -- Oh well how. Old I don't listen and yeah. The -- the -- yeah yeah are you Twitter are you -- Twitter. Can we -- -- and then to the we have reason only affect how we hash tag I would laugh now. No but I will -- To. You know what this is so much -- I would -- didn't just come back and share some stuff with us periodically -- I want to push I didn't I hope we want to see I hope I'll let you get a giant movie contract -- -- -- that's and his lovely -- yeah. I don't know if that's okay you -- that's great I mean did you I need to -- eyebrows back but other that was good. I doubt seriously. -- I -- are -- would you do would you do and what to do what we yeah guys come to life. You got a budget of 87 dollars and he's great yeah -- is a lot. -- budget of at least five dollars. -- Get sucked and we evidenced jumbled up before -- going to be great. Follow us on Twitter we will tweet that big -- -- how to reach older and I want -- elegant way I do. That was -- a -- -- in Chicago we love again -- animal. Wow you are well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's not forgotten -- but certainly our generation. Digging -- mr. -- yeah I'm you know god gone beyond Saddam Bob what does congress that would like Captain Scarlet although you know eventually -- -- a lot to be a lot of the conventionally a lot like The Lord of the Rings movies a generation ago did monsters were -- yeah you know explanation that was that was. So. God's love got -- -- all of them. Really zero -- -- -- she's got I was not only -- models and you know bread and water energy and they'll argue that the government.

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{"id":18923712,"title":"Clay Sculptor Has Been Making Art Since She Was 8","duration":"2:24","description":" Taylor Zitman discusses her art with Josh, Lara and Sam.","url":"/GMA/video/clay-sculptor-making-art-18923712","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}