Hundreds Missing After Destructive Flooding in Colorado

Devastation from the raging flood waters now stretches across 15 counties.
3:34 | 09/16/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hundreds Missing After Destructive Flooding in Colorado
Right there, look at this. More extraordinary footage from the drone flying directly above the disaster zone in colorado. The rivers covering so many roads. Houses, cars, entire neighborhoods. Six dead. Officials say that count could rise. In numbers are staggering. More than 17,000 homes damaged. And the desperate search set to resume today for the 1,253 people still unaccounted for. Dozens of helicopters grounded by the rain. Let's get to the flood zone now. Sam champion leads our team coverage from boulder. Good morning, sam. Good morning, you guys. We wanted to get as close as we could to the raging boulder creek here. We're at the foot hills of the rockies. All the water out of the mountains rushing right through here. It cuts right through pouboulder. This creek is usually so calm at about two feet deep that kids are playing in it this time of year. This is more than 800 cubic feet of water rushing through here per minute. Heavy rains have been in the area for seven days. More than 18 inches of rain have fallen. Yesterday, the water so high, so bad, so much rain and fog they couldn't continue the helicopter rescues that are so necessary. There are hundreds of people missing here in boulder county and hundreds more missing in lam irk rer county. God, it went through there. Reporter: This area is twice the size of the state of rhode island. All underwater. How can we ever recover from this? I know exactly. Inch by inch. Mile by mile. Community by community. They're taking this stuff back. Reporter: From the air, you can see overflowing rivers that were once roads or creeks, swallowing highways. A lot of section of roadway along highway 36 are completely gone. Reporter: Drowning houses in water, rocks, and soil. This office building split in half by a mudslide. Neighborhoods in ruin. Homes lifted by raging whatters and flung into each other. As many as 19,000 homes and businesses have been damage or destroyed. My greatest fear when we moved her was fire. I never thought this river would do this. Reporter: The flooding so treacherous it stranded members of the colorado national guard as they attempted to rescue the residents of lyon. In longmont, families got to go home saturday only to be told to evacuate again late sunday. This morning, we're learning more about those two died. 19-year-old wesley and his girlfriend were on their way to a birthday party with friends when they were caught in a mudslide near boulder. Water, rocks, and mud, suddenly sur ruinrounding them. Homes unrecognizable. The forecast is for more devastating rain on the way. This is some of the roughest water I have seen in flood situations. That right behind me is still pulling this bank away. We're tethered in. We're safe. Let me show you how much water is yet to fall. The good news is less rain if the next couple of days than the past few days. The rain will taper off slowly, taking about seven to ten days.

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{"id":20266091,"title":"Hundreds Missing After Destructive Flooding in Colorado","duration":"3:34","description":"Devastation from the raging flood waters now stretches across 15 counties.","url":"/GMA/video/colorado-flooding-hundreds-missing-destructive-flooding-colorado-20266091","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}