Counting down the days to Pippa Middleton's wedding

ABC News' Lama Hasan brings the latest on Pippa Middleton's wedding, which is scheduled for this weekend.
3:11 | 05/19/17

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Transcript for Counting down the days to Pippa Middleton's wedding
The countdown continues toward pippa Middleton's wedding. The big day is tomorrow and we know it will be a royal affair. Her sister, princess Kate will be there, her niece and nephew whether be there and ABC's lama Hasan is on the scene for us where they'll tie the knot. Good morning, lama. Reporter: Yeah, good morning to you, robin. There is huge anticipation here with less than 24 hours to go until the wedding of the year kicks off right here just beyond those Gates behind me, a crescendo of excitement as this tiny town gets ready for a right royal knees up. Reporter: Pippa Middleton going to a body camp to get into tiptop shape and getting her glow on in an exclusive spa. A lot of fitness challenges and stepped it up. Reporter: Armed with garment bags perhaps carrying that much anticipated dress. The designer of choice, a favorite of the stars. Pippa stole the show at the royal wedding wearing a very tight fitting dress. But for her day she's keen to move away from that look and go for a more full bridal look. Reporter: As for big sister Kate she'll wear a low-key dress from one of her designers like Alexander Mcqueen or Jenny Packham. Pippa will walk down the aisle with James Matthews. James is a multimillionaire and comes from a wealthy family and his parents own a luxurious hotel in the caribbean island of saints Bart's. He has a brother who is a star of a reality TV. Reporter: Starring 3-year-old prince George taking on pageboy duties and 2-year-old sister Charlotte charming the guests as bridesmaid. In the pews prince Harry with Meghan Markle rumored to be on his arm. The intimate wedding ceremony taking place in this 12st century church in front of 100 guests. The post-wedding bash in the garden of their family home, the mids putting up a 130,000 glass marquee complete with lavish toilets fit for royalty. And now we're learning that pippa and her beau will have air Scottish themed reception as they design on canapes of haggis. Woe don't think Kate will be the maid of honor. That's something that's traditionally given to someone unmarried but you know what, robin. You just never know. You did say something correctly. It's going to be a real knee's up. What did you tell us, no ring, no bring. Reporter: No ring, no bring. If you don't have a ring on you're not coming into the service but I think she's put that aside for prince Harry and his girlfriend, Meghan Markle. Should have put a ring on it. All right, lama, thank you so much. Coming up we'll have a great

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{"id":47501802,"title":"Counting down the days to Pippa Middleton's wedding","duration":"3:11","description":"ABC News' Lama Hasan brings the latest on Pippa Middleton's wedding, which is scheduled for this weekend. ","url":"/GMA/video/counting-days-pippa-middletons-wedding-47501802","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}