Break Dancing Dog Can Spin Itself

YouTube video shows one dog's amazing dance skills.
1:00 | 07/11/13

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Transcript for Break Dancing Dog Can Spin Itself
Think we have a -- -- today both our. Let's start with Alex the Golden Retriever. Who apparently has the -- Scene early said that his great dancing -- little lets you know Larry sometimes it looked like he is kind of like a gentleman grill loved enough and spinning wheel would not expect that he can stand -- -- human you can also do there isn't called the triple costs and I like I like I was dance moves -- -- -- names but did thing isn't for everyone sometimes your pet might just wanna. In the eighties we got -- -- -- -- -- rests inside look at. All com live is that -- I thought I was not even real person that doesn't even look like and -- -- that executed incident Kremlin actually really Hugh -- -- Audit that Kate there's a matching pink -- funeral facing the same direction looked up to -- that is I. -- have a nice and and well I think we have phones we've all wrong really like our sun all day so you -- -- pink pillows no less.

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{"id":19638957,"title":"Break Dancing Dog Can Spin Itself","duration":"1:00","description":"YouTube video shows one dog's amazing dance skills.","url":"/GMA/video/cute-dot-video-break-dancing-dog-spins-youtube-19638957","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}