Deals and Steals: This Year's Holiday Must-Haves

A look at some of the best holiday gifts for everyone on your list, featuring some discounts of up to 73 percent.
3:49 | 12/01/16

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Transcript for Deals and Steals: This Year's Holiday Must-Haves
Get your Christmas shopping done and Tory Johnson is here to help with "Deals & steals" for the entire family. Ready? Let's do it. We partnered with all these companies. Oprah discovered this. Urban mumu. Two different styles. There's the long as you see here. But then also the short ankle length. Ankle length -- sorry, knee length is more popular but we have more than ten colors in both styles. A variety of comfortable options. This is the kind of thing when you put on you don't want to take it off. I can feel that. At least that's what Oprah says. Normally start from $115 to $125, we're slashing that in half starting at $57.50. All right. That I can do. Much better. Next up quilted co-ol las. What I love here, I got this pack ready for you for a good getaway. A really great bag. Quilted, premium cotton. Good size. Really great size and it's two pieces, the duffel and adorable cosmetic bag or to put whatever extra stuff you need comes in five different colors, a sensational gift. It's normally big ticket item, $143 and slashed this by 73%, 38 bucks from quilted koala. $38 for two pieces. Oh, my. 38 for two. Yes. Don't worry. I'll save it. Adornments. A brand-new company. So this is really fun. You choose a tassel. I've chosen the Navy for you and then you pick three little tags to add to it. You can do initial, so you can do three initial, two initials, a symbol right in the middle so I did rrr but wanted to break it up with a heart. There's a bag tag and all kinds of different -- I love the key chains, there's also key chains with little mirrors in them. Great gift idea. Fabulous prices. Individually priced. 3 to $38 and slashed that in half so $4.50 to $19. Putting this whole piece together like this is under 20 bucks. Oh, my gosh. I'll put that with the bag. With the bag. My shopping is done. This is great. Julep, I love it. Variety of sets. I'm a softy for this. 12 mini polishes inside. Beautiful. You guys are all going home with these. Let me just tell you now and you guys at home can get a terrific deal on these. So normally the pieces, 20, all the way to $106 depending on the selection you choose, lots online and slashed that by more than 50% so 10 to $44. Fabulous deals from julep. We are so incredibly generous but the men's reaction, yay. Maybe they'll be happier with these. Sun 'staches. Daymond John invested on this on "Shark tank." It's the alternative to the ugly sweater. Put on a pair of fabulous glasses, make everyone smile. Huge assortment online to choose from. Normally $13, we slashed that in half, $6.50 and guess what, you guys are going home with them too. And then another "Shark tank" favorite. Lori Greiner invested in this from corduroy. The bean bag bed. Michael is sitting on the bean bag. I'm baby-sitting. He's baby-sitting. Into a bed. This bed is inside what Michael is sitting on. There's a variety of these in velvets. Micro wade. Faux leather. The twins are not included. Happy as they are. Normally these range from $200 to $440, we slashed it in half,

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{"id":43888219,"title":"Deals and Steals: This Year's Holiday Must-Haves ","duration":"3:49","description":"A look at some of the best holiday gifts for everyone on your list, featuring some discounts of up to 73 percent. ","url":"/GMA/video/deals-steals-years-holiday-haves-43888219","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}