'Dinosaurs' Let Loose in Times Square

Josh Elliott, Sam Champion and Lara Spencer are greeted by life-like dinosaurs in the "GMA" studio.
5:04 | 01/17/13

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Transcript for 'Dinosaurs' Let Loose in Times Square
Okay. We haven't dinosaurs. And nobody told me we have a guy hasn't. And everybody. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. -- I'm not gonna. And we. Coming -- another. Yeah why isn't that certain. -- -- -- -- -- Com yeah. That's enough. Okay. -- -- -- -- All right. Our. Your guy India today wanted to leave it hey maybe. Well let -- and I actually believed to -- yeah. I'm truly have no he had no idea this -- -- -- over. I what I was. Yes and I -- this we're really really was real because this would be the greatest day of my life. -- -- -- Now what I want. -- program that I -- are actually from -- -- doing a show at the -- victory on 42 street hockey and the new victory theater -- committed itself and others don't live next door Sousa didn't. I'm leaving a hole woods -- -- from a destroyer and let America on to -- -- actually brings some -- up from the site to help put the Scotland and the kids if you hide it honestly don't think I can tell you I feel like Monica I feel like I'm five years -- -- -- -- kids. This must be almost too much -- hadn't -- -- who. I -- not the love. -- -- It's something that we don't know -- that would happen let me go to a museum we have these static exhibits and yeah we've actually and I don't come along this kind of -- of scale. Giving visitors joined us Oakland -- Bennett on. It was discovered four years ago. And it's why it actually catching its price the hot I'm -- pretty -- That you yeah. He isn't concerned. He's Sam yeah. This little this little beauty of this little baby draw a sword thrust both come from New -- there I have very specialties in the back. Now -- they had the bullets. This is united when they can bring -- in New London -- -- -- little while and. I'm afraid I -- and -- kind of you know obviously. There's something really. Real an exciting about those -- there is that the government has -- into an informality and remember. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's what you get here on GMA -- -- yes it's about. Well wow I -- how exciting it's. Todd does a guy like that it's selling really spots like anyone of you I. I can't believe seeing right now companion animal and -- and -- -- to -- really you know having -- Franchises in the Big Three 142 street. The kids and adults recorded 400 you don't. Come on down we -- until Sunday night between events that's amazing thank you. Yeah. It will remain love. Tracey. What went into hiding this from -- I didn't know about it literally they say they're easy that I only when I don't know now is easy. I mean yeah. -- and I'm Mary McCartney. I think you -- upstairs again. Parties beforehand and -- -- -- -- Thank you I'm willing to bet on anything that I have hi I'm not yet. You're just taking advantage I'm glad I'm parts of -- I came here. -- -- -- you're married at some countries. That are -- another stroke.

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{"id":18238157,"title":"'Dinosaurs' Let Loose in Times Square","duration":"5:04","description":"Josh Elliott, Sam Champion and Lara Spencer are greeted by life-like dinosaurs in the \"GMA\" studio.","url":"/GMA/video/dinosaurs-loose-times-square-gma-live-18238157","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}