Two Dogs Play on a Pool Cover

Ginger Zee with the Pets of the Day, Brock and Izzy, who have fun splashing each other.
0:58 | 05/28/14

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Transcript for Two Dogs Play on a Pool Cover
And I believe is the dogs could actually is that dating -- and I'd like to think that our pets of the day -- is -- would have found each other. Check them out now as -- really get into playing on. Love the -- this only hears you and Doug do they had little sea dogs do this but I can see why it's fun for them not only here if she is down here. One of our writers. -- dog does this and we are over there on Easter and it's not but I guess it's okay and it looks like a tempered dog and drinking more fun in this you little water it moves around -- your feet. And I should mention it is Hologic experts say OK we got fat and happy birthday -- a company is in ninth birthday into the cupcake sunshine kind of day here -- image alive. Pamela wanted to get confused when the covers off me to sort of like -- for the water. I'm not there -- the government that they let me put it -- -- -- I don't -- Catalina.

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{"id":23895420,"title":"Two Dogs Play on a Pool Cover","duration":"0:58","description":"Ginger Zee with the Pets of the Day, Brock and Izzy, who have fun splashing each other.","url":"/GMA/video/dogs-play-pool-cover-23895420","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}