Donald Sterling Defends Himself

The Los Angeles Clippers owner says using the "illegally" recorded remarks was a violation of his constitutional rights.
2:23 | 05/28/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Donald Sterling Defends Himself
Let's get the latest on Donald sterling and the L.A. Clippers. He's responding to the NBA, vowing to keep his team, evenxd as his wife takes steps to sell it. Ryan smith has been tracking the story from the start. Reporter: This morning, Donald sterling, saying the NBA should give up on its plan to oust him, over his racist remarks. Insisting in what he calls a illegally recorded, quote, lovers quarrel, was to strip him of his constitutional right. He also denied the allegations against him. And said that a forced sale would lead his family, quote, owing several hundred million dollars in taxes. Next up, that June 3rd hearing, where if three-fourths of the NBA's board of governors votes to sustain the charge, sterling and wife, shelly, would be forced to sell. This is the sterlings' last play. They have a chance to say how the team is sold. But the NBA holds the cards here. Reporter: The NBA confirming, that vote is still scheduled to happen. While shelly sterling told Barbara Walters just this month, she plans on keeping the clippers. I think half the team is mine. And I'll fight for it. Reporter: According to ESPN, shelly is fielding inquiries from six serioused ed bidders, including Steve Balmer. ESPN has also learned shelly wants bids by today. And a sale done before that June 3rd hearing. Her attorney also telling ABC news overnight, that Mr. Sterling, quote, has authorized shelly to, quote, negotiate the sale. But Donald sterling's lawyer tells ESPN, his client was, quote, disavowing anything she's doing to sell the team. And any attempts to sell the team may be fruitless. If shelly sterling were to sell ipthe team by June 3rd, the NBA has to approve any primary owner. And may not accept any deal, whether either sterling owns part of the team. Dan Abrams is here. Sterling is threatening to sue. Can he win that case? Very unlikely. It's an impressive document they put together, considering how much the facts and the sort of NBA constitution work against him. So, I think that they recognize it's a real long shot for sterling. But he wants to keep the fight See how long it goes.

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{"id":23893540,"title":"Donald Sterling Defends Himself","duration":"2:23","description":"The Los Angeles Clippers owner says using the \"illegally\" recorded remarks was a violation of his constitutional rights. ","url":"/GMA/video/donald-sterling-defends-23893540","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}