ABC News Correspondent Says 'Yes to the Dress'

Linsey Davis details her experience appearing on the hit-TLC series to choose a wedding gown.
1:59 | 03/08/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for ABC News Correspondent Says 'Yes to the Dress'
He's the moment many women -- enough talent to be president. OK it's finding just the right wedding dress is often emotional. And excitement and Pena and -- -- bride is -- The whole process is super. That I had -- problem when it comes to fashion sense and kind of -- So when TLC's hit show say yes to address Atlanta asked me if I'd be interested in bringing my fashioning still friends and family along to help lease out or through -- -- -- -- wedding dress. Today -- probably. Either her twin sister. Her older sister my best friend my cousin -- Some college friend's life by saying yes to the request but saying yes to the dress wouldn't be as easy. I wouldn't see -- -- something Grace Jones leave with very angular. Coming off the shelves how opening in line beyond. Turns out my entourage was rather outspoken. Definitely don't want that how little -- -- and when a product lines and -- and people who. For connecting with -- Indian extract. Just trying. -- need it was a little. Fancy on top let -- peanut gallery begin. I've got -- trying to address at the little Grace Jones on the top and a little beyoncé. On the -- I really like. -- -- just like. Fast and beef family victims agree and agree that he.

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{"id":18683928,"title":"ABC News Correspondent Says 'Yes to the Dress'","duration":"1:59","description":"Linsey Davis details her experience appearing on the hit-TLC series to choose a wedding gown.","url":"/GMA/video/dress-episode-features-abc-news-correspondent-linsey-davis-18683928","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}