The Drone Revolution Is Going Mainstream

Find out how drones are changing the way we see the world.
2:57 | 02/03/15

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Transcript for The Drone Revolution Is Going Mainstream
Flat you had a good time. The time is here. Glad you're back for this. Almost ready for our big live event telling you ginger will be taking us into the mouth of an erupting volcano live with the help of a drone and drones are in the headlines almost every day now as you know. There's ginger there in Iceland. She's going to take a closer look at the drone phenomenon. Reporter: From ucla football feels to the cornfields of Indiana, to real estate videos and even the university of Minnesota, watch as a team of engineers moves this drone using brain waves. The coast guard experimenting with drones as an extra set of eyes. The National Guard flying them over fires and natural disasters. My dad, I think he had a heart attack. Reporter: Even being tested as ambulances delivering life-saving medical supplies. These drones create an ultra fast response system capable of increasing the you are viefl chance from 8% to 80%. Reporter: It's hit Hollywood too. The FAA recently granted permission to use drone cameras like this one used to shoot this "Skyfall" scene. Just last month allowing ESPN to broadcast live with drones during the winter X games. Forget the pizza boy or mailman, companies like domino's and Amazon are exploring delivery drones but there are serious safety concerns. Drones are sometimes the equivalent of flying lawn mowers. They can get into places and reach heights that traditional consumer technology really couldn't do. Reporter: Drones invading the privacy of a-listers. California lawmakers banning use of paparazzi drones like this one captured by Miley Cyrus. The FAA still figuring out how to regulate drones and to keep those airspaces safe. Technology has as a whole really outpaced the laws that govern it. So drones are the next step of that technology. Reporter: But here at upenn's research lab engineers are pioneering a drone-filled future. They will change our lives and the way we live. Change the way we work and change the way we enjoy.

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{"id":28684357,"title":"The Drone Revolution Is Going Mainstream","duration":"2:57","description":"Find out how drones are changing the way we see the world. ","url":"/GMA/video/drone-revolution-mainstream-28684357","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}