2013 Emmy Snubs and Surprises

Chris Connelly and the 'GMA' gang discuss the nominations and who walk away a winner.
2:53 | 07/18/13

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Transcript for 2013 Emmy Snubs and Surprises
Let's go right after expert Chris Connolly out in LA for a little bit of analysis. You talk to -- -- Washington so happy for her as best lead actress nomination. In a drama about how about those nominations for the men. In a drama Jeff Daniels and Kevin Spacey both both getting -- first time not. Yes it if things are crazy there it out you talk about some like Steve Buscemi left out you know you've got a loaded category right there that's that's fantastic Bryan Cranston -- -- -- Jeff Daniels tremendous stuff. You know I want askew McChrystal -- -- about -- categories the best drama category if you don't want to didn't get nominated that they'll be also -- -- -- it could be six way tie for first boardwalk empire the American scandal when news from all not nominated this category is loaded will -- finally be breaking bad here will we see more great. More from an empty -- throats could it could rise up I mean no or ordered detention until probably enough I don't. I like them I would have gave up -- and I thought I escaped from doesn't homeland. Eight Chris what's your take on the comedy nominations. Well it's amazing in both if -- read -- -- both in lead actor in a supporting actor the people who won last year didn't get nominated this year. They get an idea of how strong these categories are as well -- -- -- -- feet it is. It might be my favorite show in my mind my favorite comedy and -- Louis-Dreyfus is brilliant -- -- that fantastic you'll remember acceptance speech last exit when she passed up themselves up. So -- these categories are completely loaded and up Arrested Development we thought might have snuck in with a nomination for best. Comedy series but did not so I guess like I guess it wasn't on all Netflix -- series this time. -- not asking your advice are your your opinion GGC 30 Rock or its cast members getting. You know going the distance and with the shopping here is there sentimentality. I kind of. I kind of had a feeling I think that this is there yeah this is their gift is to be nominated here you know I think I think the -- was quirky all the way up to the end like it -- have been. But they've got such strong competition I mean. You've got even once again you've got modern family and their once again got Lena Dunham from girls and -- Julie Louis-Dreyfus as -- -- thing. These are tremendous performances they'll be hard to be when when -- time -- -- were saying Chris if there's one -- dead locked since it might be my. -- Douglas thereof canceled. And I can't I would I would part of the track lighting -- I was yeah. Right now does that make sure I put it I put her right in the middle there that's getting around it what it amazes -- everybody will be talking about that for a long time and a lot of people say that's on television that could have been in the movie like ten -- fifteen years ago but here is on television no wonder it's that -- It's such a magic time for this medium right now and it is costar Matt Damon nominated as well -- after that Steven Soderbergh film I'm the candelabra thanks so much --

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{"id":19701907,"title":"2013 Emmy Snubs and Surprises","duration":"2:53","description":"Chris Connelly and the 'GMA' gang discuss the nominations and who walk away a winner.","url":"/GMA/video/emmy-nominations-2013-snubs-suprises-19701907","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}