Fashion for Jesus: Models Give Up Runway for Religion

Two evangelical Christians gave up their modeling careers to focus on promoting their faith.
3:00 | 12/23/13

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Transcript for Fashion for Jesus: Models Give Up Runway for Religion
Secret runway the safety of the fortune. -- it's Suu Kyi was. Girl at the top of her game beating out 101000 women. Told his secret model search competition the winner of the 2009. Traci good model sex and but any stunning twist highly decided overnight to ditch the runway for Jesus. I watch the tape. View winning ten years screaming you're so excite. And so when that change. He now being sent out after that I'm different photo shoots and having my pictures and that's on pornographic -- -- And when I brought it to my modeling agency they basically saddles all the Victoria's Secret models have pictures on pornographic let's say -- -- expect was it your faith. That may choose finally say I'm walking away. Yeah that god definitely convicted my -- about it. -- Torre -- secret fame brought -- big time jobs like this racy spread for FHM magazine. Kiley is part of a growing number of models -- the spotlight for Christ. Cashing in Mike -- with a book. A new Christian clothing line. I just love this piece. And in the Asian white. In our society. -- the motto is it sex sells. Tell all memoir I really Angel. Dishing on the industry's dark side from nearly nude photo shoots -- eating disorders. I knew girl that had turn up some my edge. That it was just like an automatic thing for Marion and drinking lemonade she would guns -- that because. Of the calories and sugar. When her book was released Victoria's Secret pushed back saying highly exaggerated her relationship with them. But it seems Kiley has used her racy past as a launch pad for -- burgeoning business. You know the from the fact that we're talking about what it is that you were doing as a Victoria's Secret model and is bringing attention. To what you say you didn't want to bring attention -- detail. Is -- -- hypocrisy and you mean -- fight famine is the we're gonna show here is that ensued on the island and -- and that's something that in now as hard for me and that I have to deal it now. You weren't on top top model. So. Are you just bashing the industry because you didn't make yet I'm not really cared asked the industry. And -- here to tell what happened to me and from. They eating disorders and the agency calling him fat cow when I was -- 118. Pound housing. Yeah 118100510. Former agency told us at no time has any model being called a fat cow. And they had no knowledge of any of her photos being used on porn sites. At the church book signing -- is Christian fans can't get enough many -- young girls struggling with insecurity. You're clearly a very beautiful young woman in -- wearing make up and your -- has done and you've got. High heels on and skinny pants on how do you reconcile that with the message that you're teaching. While later I still believe and taking care of yourself -- dressing -- you don't have to like where burlap sack he Kagan -- could still be sexy in. The evangelical Christian and not to be sexy for my husband -- now -- Alan Alan. And so I don't -- -- go out in public and be ballet for other and the scene. Like highly technical -- struggle to -- glamour with her faith she too left the industry to become a Christian consultant and I just wanted to. Be famous because I thought that that would be made me happy. But even at five foot ten Nicole was told her -- posed a problem. My agents had my hips her to lie and she said -- just the way I was built I could never do that and I was really embarrassed and I left that agency that day crying. Nicole's former agent told -- she doesn't make statements like that two models for years later Nicole -- on her provocative past. Today her faith is front and center. Spending her days offering advice on everything from clothes to relationships. We heard on -- she gives a couple of queens. On modesty make over you could just cut. A few little card again I'll grant Phillip Fulmer covered I personally will have coconuts hanging and put -- -- I just think it's so cute so you look. Beautiful. Yet modest is hot at the -- is -- modest is hottest. -- -- -- And I thought back to your pictures aren't safari -- -- -- sort of led me to a crisis. Who I want is because you're right let's. Showing all off you know posing all sexy and it just aunt -- -- -- When she's not a personal shopper and at home runs a website called project inspired -- -- Christian fans can -- her message. It's another. Waves. -- -- your outfit fashionable look without showing a lot of skin. Guiding is the ultimate -- This is one of Nicole's monthly god talks reading scripture -- young girls over video -- Jesus tells us to examine our own motives. And our own conduct instead of judging others I am more are fulfilled not gonna have -- in my life than I ever thought I could be. I'm measuring up to you what my agents -- -- needed do or what the photographer thought it looks like. Backing I don't -- -- is working on designs for her new clothing line called god inspired fashion every design meeting starts with a prayer. -- for other reasons patent. We'll just change lives and soften hearts broken into the -- and game room. I think we're just going to open up and put it on the -- it is until it -- Couple weeks. We transact with Bible verse says. Sayings her slogans. And so these -- races pretty much saying I love my husband and I love my life. Why you work all of these biblical vs dollar your clothes and it's just away from me -- I -- my -- there. You know share when I believe with other people. -- -- 23 -- sold out in one day I have to keep. Producing more because every island just love -- -- But at first glance some of pales closed seemed more appropriate for a night out tell me about that this -- Girl -- her little girls it's -- -- -- nicer. Tops her church or school I want some analysts say this isn't and it's not -- -- and -- -- I'm sure they let. And just in time for Christmas both women are catering to -- party goers. Nicole has extended her videoblogs to teach young girls how to look marvelous but still -- modest for the holidays. Though -- local with the Christmas programming on -- that inspired it to you. I don't even care about I names but I'm just even a modestly modest -- -- -- it from cover -- to card against. Just can't believe -- neatly -- -- -- is never popular in -- -- outcomes in Christmas colors. For Nightline -- -- -- -- -- in Manhattan Beach, California.

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{"id":21309163,"title":"Fashion for Jesus: Models Give Up Runway for Religion","duration":"3:00","description":"Two evangelical Christians gave up their modeling careers to focus on promoting their faith.","url":"/GMA/video/fashion-jesus-models-give-runway-religion-21309163","section":"GMA","mediaType":"yahoo only"}