FDNY Kicks Off the 'Warm Coats and Warm Hearts Drive'

New York Fire Department donates 500 coats to "GMA's" seventh annual coat drive.
2:33 | 11/14/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for FDNY Kicks Off the 'Warm Coats and Warm Hearts Drive'
Test Text1 underline There they are. Your finest, escorting early to our studio, loaded with 500 coats. That, lara, is just a touch. That's just the beginning. Those firefighter getting a hero's welcome, as we kick off our seventh annual warm coats and warm hearts drive. And you can be a hero, too. Take a look. It's to time of year once again. We want to put coats in. As temperatures drop, it's time to bundle up. Become heroes to those in need of bundling. I know my co-workers have coats to give. I have to keep collecting. Today marks the launch of the seventh annual warm coats, warm hearts drive. You're here, for the annual kickoff of our warm hearts, warm coats drive. We've worked with our friends at barrelington, to bring coats to those who would otherwise be left out in the code. 1 million coats. Collecting nearly 1.2 million coats. More coats. This year, we partnered with fashion delivers to distribute coats to those in greatest need. Ben affleck kicked off our first drive. And will smith gave us the coat off his back. The jonas brothers. Regis, and ryan seacrest all followed. Now, wouldn't it be nice to be a hero in your community? Give a coat and change a life. It's that simple. These wonderful people, all today. What a phenomenal program. We want to thank the new york fire department here today. Welcome, welcome. The heroes, kicking off this cause. The warm coats, warm hearts drive. And creating a human chain, with our friends at burlington, who survived the first 500 coats in the bin. This year, in addition to burlington, we're so thrilled to be partnering with fashion delivers, getting the coats in the hands of people who so desperately need them. And want to thank the new york fire department for their heroic service to people in need. Fdny, baby. We want to encourage all of you to be heroes in your own communities. Coat drop bins are available at your burlington stores.

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{"id":20886899,"title":"FDNY Kicks Off the 'Warm Coats and Warm Hearts Drive'","duration":"2:33","description":"New York Fire Department donates 500 coats to \"GMA's\" seventh annual coat drive.","url":"/GMA/video/fdny-kicks-off-warm-coats-warm-hearts-drive-20886899","section":"GMA","mediaType":"Default"}