The Fear of Flying

How to avoid the tremors when you're a mile high.
1:34 | 05/01/14

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Transcript for The Fear of Flying
When people go to the airport it's usually -- carefully. -- -- -- -- Pursuant millions of Americans the -- fall season trapped on a plane is pure white knuckle chest -- I could barely breathe see here. For some reason my brain attacks my body -- it tells me I'm gonna die. -- -- -- And that's where captain Ron -- -- since. A retired air force pilot he teaches a weeklong course and Phoenix Arizona's international air. How many and you have a flight coming up in the next thirty to sixty days next week. Captain Ron offers reassurance and tips. Bring a distraction cool music a -- alcohol drugs and lets you prescription. If you can control your breathing for the first two minutes of flight you've got 90% of the battle. The students down -- -- on the plane some for the first time most the first time in a very long time. Yeah we got. It looks like you'll have come home it's. Your right to impairment -- an attack. For most of the students the class paid off. A lifetime -- -- -- behind. Like the world over them. Being here for all of us school native Byron Pitts ABC news Phoenix.

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{"id":23554844,"title":"The Fear of Flying","duration":"1:34","description":"How to avoid the tremors when you're a mile high.","url":"/GMA/video/fear-flying-23554844","section":"GMA","mediaType":"yahoo only"}