Fires in Great Smoky Mountains Spur Massive Evacuations

Popular venues including the Dollywood theme park are under threat as the Tennessee fires lead thousands to evacuate.
2:05 | 11/29/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Fires in Great Smoky Mountains Spur Massive Evacuations
No you to that breaking news, right here at home, dozens of wildfires threatening the southeast forcing thousands to evacuate overnight from popular tourist spots like dolly parton's dollywood as winds there up to 60 miles an hour spread flames and destroy so many homes. ABC's rob Marciano has all the latest. Good morning, rob. For weeks we've been reporting on the extreme drought, the fires and the rain that was finally to come last night but before that happened the winds cranked and the fire spread. Huge fire. Blown out of control right now. Reporter: Overnight wildfires raging across eastern Tennessee. Burning at least 100 homes. Yeah, it's time to go. Reporter: Forcing evacuations and threatening one of the area's biggest tourist attractions, dollywood. If you are a person that prays we could use your prayers. Reporter: The popular tourist destination turned into an Orange armageddon. Smoke and ash filling the streets downtown. Owners trying to protect hotels and lodges already lit up with holiday lights. More than 10,000 animals are trapped at Ripley's aquarium of the smokies. The fires fanned by strong winds up to 60 miles per hour and the southeast's worst drought in a decade. Conditions are extremely dangerous. Stay off the roadways. Reporter: Motorists fleeing downtown gatlinburg as authorities order a mandatory evacuation there in oh, my god. It's so hot. Reporter: The fires spreading quickly. Ground crews struggling to put out the flames. Aerial firefighters not allowed to fly due to the dangerous conditions. So far only minor injuries on evacuation. We hope that holds true throughout the day. Large fires that continue to burn. Rain helping things just a little bit. We'll get another round of rain as we go through time. Still burning this morning. As the streets are wet, that's kind of surreal. Geers gatlinburg about to get out of the heavy rain as it moves towards the north and east, 3 to 4, maybe more inches of rainfall coming later today. That will put out some of these fires but there's also a severe threat with this. We'll talk more about that in about ten minute. Thanks very much.

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{"id":43839937,"title":"Fires in Great Smoky Mountains Spur Massive Evacuations","duration":"2:05","description":"Popular venues including the Dollywood theme park are under threat as the Tennessee fires lead thousands to evacuate.","url":"/GMA/video/fires-great-smoky-mountains-spur-massive-evacuations-43839937","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}