'GMA Live' Tests Their Girl Scout Knowledge

Amy and Sam compete in a Girl Scout trivia contest in honor of National Girl Scout Cookie Day.
4:54 | 02/08/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'GMA Live' Tests Their Girl Scout Knowledge
Very important day can't girl scouts of the US state Clinton -- my name and a block February 8 is the first level ever ask. National -- girl scout cookie day Obama than men got -- hit me guys well. So we've got some girls got tips from new York and New Jersey -- -- -- -- it's a little game we like to call Eduardo. I would needs a little game we -- at all a lot of market could. So I want to first give a big welcome to could veto. -- -- Smarter people than first question why didn't just how landscape -- -- work and girls -- cookies first sold. We'll -- scout -- against those guys and nineteen known for its. -- not harass you -- -- -- -- We'll get a freaking sending you back here is -- around. But I -- a good job. -- -- What did this Girl Scouts -- instead of cookies during World War II during world war two and Sam Champion a cold pop. Yeah they got out Johnson and that is not correct and you know I think. Yeah. And -- yeah. But the judge did -- -- calendars. And. -- -- -- -- -- Hands on -- we can all about thank you gotta love the -- in the head hundreds of kids it's going to be breakneck. What is the most. Popular -- other. -- -- Yeah modestly -- and I hear do you guys and let me. -- -- -- Employment yeah you know look at. But I was -- negotiating -- or classes into the war and what do women and girls -- -- with the coconut into everything all up. That is. We're coming I don't mean. Your office -- -- -- not your bully and a good. -- -- -- Question number -- why do some Girl Scouts sell Somalis and other terrible collapse. -- -- -- -- -- Why do some Girl -- okay I'm always end up. Others say she'll be able to -- Tiffany didn't even feel a little brown he. I was gonna say -- but my -- is -- working. -- -- -- Yeah we show -- And finally the -- -- departed -- Not -- the action now. Thought the questions 61. And then blast the honorary president of the Girl Scouts is who. -- present. And robot Michelle Obama that is -- -- With -- it up and it turns out that the Girl Scouts. Kids you -- you know what your. -- it felt really love him. I don't want to hear him. Here now what is your favorite girl scout cookie you can go to wherever that flashing whole thing is Larry Magid I don't care -- here I'm here there is. Exactly hang on general areas. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- OJ and VMware and we show back to the back -- the Gaza in the lobby. And everybody can be an elephant and the girls got the New York. -- -- -- -- -- -- I've never -- I've never been more embarrassed to be a colleague of fugitive -- -- -- the -- -- really ask the questions he had never answered them there's a lot of pressure their -- like very Smart girl -- eyes. No -- about let us. You know letting at least even got a couple of pop album dead weight that is -- Lot is definitely not allowing beating -- then exactly after all the blue Jesus didn't -- -- not.

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{"id":18441747,"title":"'GMA Live' Tests Their Girl Scout Knowledge","duration":"4:54","description":"Amy and Sam compete in a Girl Scout trivia contest in honor of National Girl Scout Cookie Day.","url":"/GMA/video/girl-scout-cookie-day-gma-live-tests-girl-18441747","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}