'GMA' Asks 'Who's Your Team?' Amid Robin's Upcoming Return

"Good Morning America" celebrates people who rally around friends and family facing illness.
3:03 | 02/13/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'GMA' Asks 'Who's Your Team?' Amid Robin's Upcoming Return
I'll give me. Robin here and got -- don't I am on out my now all of us here horse and team Robinson our -- messages of lights and love. Power presence. Help brightened our friends spirit as she watched from the sidelines. Did so appreciative of the outpouring not just for me but for for everyone who basically camp. For millions of people facing illness support to be the difference between hope and despair you have less than newcomer. 49 year old Hillary Lou Paterno has ovarian cancer and she's got a few tricks too -- to -- -- treatment. -- at the moment. And. That's for the metallic taste in about from the chemicals coursing through -- but even better is this. Laughs thanks to team Hillary which includes seventeen girlfriend some who have known each other since the third grade. Each week volunteers rotating choreograph and elaborate surprises. For the last nine weeks for eleven by fifteen foot rooms -- host chance. Okay costume cheer. Even -- -- got in on the fun. Team Hillary's weekly. Become a bright spot for the entire -- fourth at northwestern memorial in Chicago. I've never seen the variety that they bring the laughter and -- that -- -- is gonna come and it at a -- -- We are double digits it's number ten this is special and the week we joined her for treatment number ten was an extravagant. And nine -- -- Many of whom taken time off for busy work schedules arrived from suburban Chicago for this surprise. -- Has no idea what to expect -- like they have venture into what could happen today. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- it definitely. Is at -- to Madison out there and I do -- I I kept up to the point my dad pee my pants gecko and it's tough enough to. Face it as a family alone. But when I know she's -- your girlfriend. -- picked up at her for. -- personal -- Had gained like -- and along the lane and Larry. Without them it would just be another -- -- of the day you know -- at a -- moment. Yet I may not want to.

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{"id":18491210,"title":"'GMA' Asks 'Who's Your Team?' Amid Robin's Upcoming Return","duration":"3:03","description":"\"Good Morning America\" celebrates people who rally around friends and family facing illness.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-asks-whos-team-amid-robins-upcoming-return-18491210","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}