'GMA' Breakfast Party: What's the Worst Gift You've Ever Gotten?

'GMA' anchors chat about insulting gifts, plus what singles are refusing to share on dates.
7:38 | 10/17/16

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Transcript for 'GMA' Breakfast Party: What's the Worst Gift You've Ever Gotten?
Jesse, kick it off. Did you know that Christmas is now less than ten weeks away. Oh, my gosh. It's amazing. He's excited. You been a good boy this year? You got a big one coming up then. People already talking about gifts, obviously. Lara is done with her shopping. No, I'm not. Are you really? I'm not. The whole hip thing threw me off. I'm usually done by August. They're not talking about gifts like you would think. Reddit is talking about the most insulting gifts ever received. Apparently people don't put a lot of thought into things. Someone wrote, the first time I met my future mother-in-law was at Christmas. She went into my travel bag and took out pair of my own socks. She put a bow on them. And then presented it to me as a Christmas gift. Number one? Welcome to the family. Let's just start with going into your travel bag. Let's start with the going -- Creeper. Yeah, totally. Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding. Didn't she get insult FPD guy thought it was a joke. She didn't think it was funny. Yes, yes. I read that story. I was like, oh, no. You can't choose your significant other's parents? Another person shared after winning a contest at work, they won a gift. It was a yodeling pickle ornament. Yes. I think we have a picture of that. That's what a yodeling pickle ornament apparently looks like. That's the most disturbing Christmas gift. It's amazing. I think we're going to move on, on that note. I'm with you, George. Thank you for bringing that. Merry Christmas, everybody. Get excited. Fawn-filled -- I mean, hard to top. The yodeling pickle. Speaking of yodeling pickles. This -- I'm talking about dating, ironically. How much information do you give on a first date? Does anybody -- do you hold back? Yeah, I mean, that's the sort of big question. Somebody you've met online? Or -- You're on a first date. I went on a first date. You're newly dating, how much do you tell about yourself in terms of work? There was a great article in "The New York post" that we were all chatting about. We thought it might create a nice conversation out there for you. There's a big sort of movement where people are not giving their real names. They're giving fake names on first dates. One of the thoughts being, it was a psychologist who said it enables you to find out if you're compatible before you get into things that do have an influence. Like what someone does for a living. It gets creepy. You're on date. You meet this -- we'll call him Tom. And on the third date, he goes, by the way, I'm Dan. If you're going lie about your name on the first date, you're going lie about everything else. There is this whole article of women saying, I want to it be about -- nothing else but what really matters. Compatibility. One woman had a very racy job, I won't get into in the article, but it's funny. She said, if people knew what I did for a living, that's all they would want to you can that about or, you know, get into. That's a liptle different. Zpler . Everybody today Googles people. What if you are compatible. You say, by the way -- By the way, I'm not really George? What is your real name? I don't think I would make that one up. Interesting. Two interesting topics. And now we're about to meet a very interesting man. An inspiring man as well. This is a guy in Virginia. A police officer make something many people smile. He's gt a viral video just gone -- people are going crazy. Check him out doing a little formation. ??? Oh, I love it. He's got it. Look at him, look. Lieutenant deuntay Diggs. He's joining us right now. Lieutenant, thank you for coming on. Good morning. Thank you for having me. We love seeing your smile and your dance. Tell us how this all came to be? Well, I was at the pep rally at north Stafford high school and the energy was a little by low. It was spirit week. I saw the opportunity to engage with the students. I just jumped in and took a chance. You've been taking a lot of chances. We love what your principal had to say. Scott Mcclelland, when dealing with kids, you are very level-headed and seek to find ways to inspire kids to make good choices. Stafford county is fortunate to have a law enforcement officer of his caliber. That must make you feel great. It absolutely does. I'm so very fortunate and blessed to have this opportunity. And, you know, you have a -- quite a fascinating back story. One of the first openly gay cadets at the military institute. First openly gay police officer on your police department right now. What is your message when you're talking to kids in the classroom? Well, my message is really that, you know, law enforcement officers are human beings. And that they can come to us and they can trust us. And so, I engage with them and I want them to to understand that, you know, there's a journey to success. And so, we talk about that. Talk about making positive choices. And, we thank you for that, because so many times, when we're in the media and showing stories that's going on, you know what's going on around the country, it's wonderful to show this type. How do we bring this -- how do we bridge this gap between some in the community and what's going on with police officers? Well, it's really just stepping out and showing that we're human. And engaging with the community. And so here, the Stafford county sheriff's office, we focus on community policing. Part of that zbegt out and dancing with the kids and engaging in ways they wouldn't expect. Sheriff David Decatur, our sheriff here is much about that and stands behind me. Speaking of dancing. Would you mind? Come on, come on. Oh, yeah, let's go. Let's go. ??? Whoa! Oh! No, he didn't. It's over. It's over. Thank you so much. He didn't have to be asked twice. So great. Thank you. Congratulations. Thank you. Thank you so much. Wow. Oh, my goodness. That's the second time we've had man do a split on that screen here at the breakfast table. Not complaining. Those three topics should wake us up for Monday. Coming up next, how everybody's got something.

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{"id":42848542,"title":"'GMA' Breakfast Party: What's the Worst Gift You've Ever Gotten? ","duration":"7:38","description":"'GMA' anchors chat about insulting gifts, plus what singles are refusing to share on dates.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-breakfast-party-worst-gift-42848542","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}