'GMA' Doppelganger Search: Will Lara See the Resemblance?

Taylor Hill's eyes sold the judges on choosing her as Lara Spencer's look-alike.
2:58 | 03/26/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'GMA' Doppelganger Search: Will Lara See the Resemblance?
When it comes to lara. Hello, how are you? It's hard to imagine a double. I mean the laughs. N no, no, I'm good. The love. Amoree. Okay. What about the look? Could there somewhere be a dead ringer? Ding! When we put out the call, boy, did you all respond. Good morning, america. This is kind of weird. This is kind of crazy. You look just like her. I also break for yard sales. Actress and comedian ali wentworth. Comedian sherrod small. Model and entrepreneur cynthia bailey to ponder every pick looking for lara. I almost got myself picked up with my twin, lara spencer. We have the same eye shape. Our smiles resemble. We must have been separate at birth. At first the task seemed daunting. What. I don't see it. How much delusion existed. Beautiful woman and our stage manager wants her number but i don't think she looks like lara spencer. No. In fact they even got a little nervous. I think I look more like lara than her. Asian girl. After poring over pictures. Oh! This is more like it. A little bit more. And viewing more video. This is an awesome thrift find. I covered it with, ready for this, a shower curtain. One clear front-runner emerged. It's the eyes. Yes. She has the eyes and she's got a nice smile like lara. Absolutely. They've got to be related. That's the girl. Whoo! All right. I feel so pulled apart. Here we go. The panel of esteemed experts has in fact chosen lara's look-alike. Now time to meet her. We've been keeping her out of sight for the premiere all morning long. These shoes. The time is here. Everybody say it with me. Move that mirror. Taylor, come on out. Yay! That's good. That's good that's a good one. I want to you meet -- I want you to meet taylor from tampa, florida, studying musical theater actually is a flea market enthusiast. Hi. Hi. We go buy latte. Just call us latte. One of us had to draw the short straw. How is it? It's weird. It is. I hope I'm this cute. I'm lucky they picked me. I was like whoo. You really like flea marketing. Love it. Oh, my gosh. Do you like finding old stuff. You should see my living room. It's all old furniture. Do you like chardonnay. Yeah. You like chardonnay. It is me. How often do you get you look

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{"id":18813544,"title":"'GMA' Doppelganger Search: Will Lara See the Resemblance?","duration":"2:58","description":"Taylor Hill's eyes sold the judges on choosing her as Lara Spencer's look-alike.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-doppelganger-lara-spencer-sees-double-good-morning-18813544","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}