GMA LIVE! (01.08.13)

Watch "GMA LIVE!" with Lara Spencer, Amy Robach and Ginger Zee From Times Square.
12:08 | 01/08/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (01.08.13)
The -- yeah. Get out. I had really could not you know it'll -- CNN live we are showing your favorite moments on the morning -- -- great show tonight we're gonna talk about what goes on behind the scenes. And only yourself yeah up. Running down the stairs moments -- deserted -- doing some research we went out we don't. I didn't want to love a lot of very tough assignment right now in Miami convenience down there for the last take a look at this stopgap OK -- -- concentrating. Off camera we shot this washoe technology and medicine for many commercial break we were cracking option -- George couldn't -- -- -- -- action when it came up with the idea of taking the shot because there's Josh. Totally unaware didn't do -- these. Yeah totally erroneous -- cheerleaders -- goddamn. I'm researching this story got to make sure he's prepare for the negative light and I'm not -- the -- of journalists write to her job at Collins -- and sand in Vegas you did this last year I did -- it and would. Big long we've -- -- judge for Miss America you are. You can find -- that is -- getting bigger than anything that I had in college you have a week to -- 53 girls there likes to tell ninth Zairean Army mom mom she. They're talented community service projects you have -- -- everything is an idea not answer her birthday. I taught my little. -- can't move without -- -- does is he needed time to study some I'm selling fast and we love that -- -- -- how do you have ginger is the in the house. We also have our social media producer Andrew spring in the house and -- -- What everyone up there is talking about on line we -- -- -- -- -- -- isn't Florida and made us think about vacation in the -- -- -- I just say that I the only guy here. Which is sad thing. The state of men that I -- the -- and have them now -- our yeah IO time newstalk I can't drive itself but I Wear my cheerleaders on as a. Okay. The major -- yeah. I and I -- It wouldn't you re create the Josh seen video you do a little here and you knew you have to study your notes. I don't know basketball player what is it what their favorite vacation because he stands on vacation. Jackson that vacation not really that's available given -- behind you can we ask. Teen so then that's lovely picture from her -- -- I -- you actually -- Megan sent us this from Panama City I think this is what doctors doing yesterday. -- Miami. And then the DH. Hopkins. -- in his that if this surmise that you -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- brutal but what is your favorite vacation. -- you know what handouts -- -- increase -- literally have ever been. That's constantly else. Couldn't aspirations. A lot of pressure here. -- climax would sleep and -- Palm Beach you get. Yeah pressure -- it. Florida because he's there alloy and I'm -- trying to rob Palm Beach because you can you got beat you warm sun in the morning and then. Shopping in the afternoon -- night in -- battle with the proven platter I think. Yeah Florida I -- San about Santa that yes yes -- my opponents and that evidence life. Yes and you might so we had to be cut of the day after the day that's not out of the -- not we -- not a good day -- complexity. Senate says this is a weak yen and these spoiled and as a -- wanted to. Com how my case I have thanks let's -- -- -- Gives out generators are you know that the audio -- -- -- I was who -- thought was could be they're telling you do they know that well I was -- -- -- -- -- you know -- can -- -- -- ya OK so you guys being buried here is the 120 billion and he -- -- -- that was put out a little yellow isn't it fascinating that everybody can't thanks for two and enact have a magical day. They're doing it really clearly -- Arizona -- -- are really -- he's going to zoom yeah. We have -- imagery hello I would break it up with that yeah. We had Ben Affleck and today with Tony Mendez the CIA agent that he portrays -- movie are go ahead -- haven't -- rallying -- in my opinion -- -- -- the FDA has yet the only. At least for the three released today and honestly just make sure you buckle up because from the -- the movie starts he's likely coming you know -- historians have that much more and yeah. He had doesn't matter that you know the end and on this episode so here's this moment right you were describing where on the where at George asks. The Tonioli warrants to tell good reminds me that a lot like you're -- yeah here yeah. I thought it was Tony's approached it and say yeah. Maybe -- -- -- branded I don't know rosneft. Good government -- Did not here. -- Ramon Hernandez and he is back in place in the movie and T with teasing that. That was not -- he was such an unsung hero -- -- and -- and I see him get what he deserves -- he still felt. Kind of embarrassed by Alex made an almanac figure out and that kind of I don't -- last. And from one Hollywood hunk to another and by pumping new Tony -- that Ryan -- -- out on the town last night for the premiere of his new movie. Gangster squad with two very lucky ladies his costar Emma Stone and his mom -- I lions seemed like a really nice guy on the heart. Heartthrob proud mom stepped in -- Gosling longtime girlfriend Eva Mendez who was not at the combatants and that -- also get a lot of because he's a lot to do. Anything like nothing is and I'm happy to hear your hands -- and it -- an entire time. We now have time for the plane today extra we -- know we're supposed to drink eight glasses of water a day. What we have a little -- if you don't have the time this takes a lot of time to think about water check out this video for a high school student literally. In hails a bottled water. Do not try to -- whom people. Right down regular -- to -- -- I come on its contract -- he's preparing you've got to settle a case like yeah right out. Well why I should thank you and it yeah. That magic trick. I mean I really wonder how many of those seeking new and around vs other liquid Vegas is that he would be asked well yeah that could be a party trick -- perhaps it is 21 so. -- how this -- from YouTube and now I don't think it's it doesn't tell. There's no leakage of -- It's probably not -- is telling you that they don't know why do you act of god to begin mainly. -- Don't -- yeah yeah really it's mom remarkable talent we thank you don't want to us you me. It isn't all of the yes but they've had all we all know about the hyped up commercials people pay big loud -- commercial this is kind of an exciting thing because that you could have a chance at least filmmakers -- of getting their commercial made it -- all contest. By Michael Bay so you know they had to read those girl -- -- oh yeah -- remember that that was that was. Commercial with the big one for a long time right now she's revealing all of these that contestants -- we have a -- I take my. -- -- -- -- -- We heard -- -- to win -- -- there's such a meaningful. -- -- And then went in. -- -- Commercial I love them as much love of the game on the I don't this is my favorite part -- became sad to say this is another one. To read us. I react so that its -- -- -- cool yeah. There. Are we got to want to -- -- has been like he's really grown amount and what I mean I have to say it is true. Maybe I'm not the biggest. -- sports person back comical sports illiterate most of the time so this is why you get me an -- to -- and this is what number four already. We'll ask -- that is later. -- I got out. Right and little you know the meetings where they come up with -- I know yes it does that make them funnier each one that funny and -- we have one more. I think that -- oh yeah. Mac then what's wrong and he -- -- Marino missed. -- -- Now Leon gets a vote on his there's a box -- -- -- we don't see it. But it's apparently not suggest that you can -- -- which was your favorite -- you'd like to -- at the -- What's on the national what do you think the last one that was really that Smart looks like and Marla -- yet there's -- I -- -- dog that's obviously one million on the east did you -- beyond character actor already. You know I -- -- -- the Orioles always on today and also the -- TV commercial plane I know I. Every area when you're the next president lining you've got a -- for the money -- want the pressure in the room. I'm sure they test -- I don't the big deal few years ago data released days ahead of time -- because it was well above crowd there's still more to come on the same day. Yeah big game and then I do believe GMA will be down there I believe -- extravaganza John Elliott at a football game you know he's got to be -- nobody -- sports coverage like cam and I believe. Sam didn't have their little romance continued down in New Orleans. So I -- there on there on assignment Sam is in Vegas. Miss America has this Saturday I am also doing for ABC news a one hour documentary we unprecedented access. We've been following the -- contestants. For a year. We have hundreds of hours of video of their journey to the crown and you'll see that at 8 o'clock before Miss America -- -- Sam. Good luck down there in a big task at hand choosing the next. Miss America and jockey back you're -- from Miami we might not play now yeah -- -- -- not get on the plane right now I thank everybody for joining. And give. On he added. After DNA and it's all right everybody. -- -- --

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