GMA LIVE! (02.28.13)

Josh, Bianna and Sam check out Tory Johnson's exclusive online deal for shoes.
22:28 | 02/28/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (02.28.13)
Okay. What -- knows how to do it. -- I don't have to have a. Okay. You -- and Robin is back at this right there on the bottom yeah that's -- we know. God. -- his -- first timers with us on GMA live which again they would -- before we remain live now we got the Robin and we got them. And beyond now. -- buffalo. And thank you for -- in the busy schedule I gotta go now. -- tell you get to the loading dock -- hours. Bob. -- yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- the show now it's great which -- -- we. It's great because we never really know what's about to happen daily tasks and that's about it that was -- Afghanistan with -- and we. Have we worked out did you sort of issues that also -- -- the -- when do we think who's actually who that is over. I plan. -- I don't want to -- You know after the it was an ugly firings of Denise a couple of days ago yesterday we had a cooling off period death. And he needs -- -- again let me just say for the Internet. Apology accepted his back and that's terrific it's good he's what you -- thing about enacting you have that would instantly I. Stocks -- yeah. Net net the team needs he did these I ask -- to do this on to it and. That's probably that's -- it again. -- heat -- dirty laundry. -- You're likely to see me tonight go back years -- -- immediately -- -- yeah really hadn't. Ali -- ten years old and he's -- -- Denise in the control her -- very bitter about it when I was. An early it's not short hair I did I head -- that. Hair you can always beautiful little mob action wasn't what were you featuring multiple screens featuring Nancy and he's he's a welcome site featuring at least -- its owner. Yes you do in any set -- to sit between. Josh and Sam right buckets of insulin. Yeah. Look what I look out the -- -- -- glancing at. And beauty -- Delmon -- -- about what one could argue this is sort of the indentured servitude of ABC news so so we're gonna it tries to keep it out thank you. Imagine you're my big man I love you for -- -- Well we -- a. What I think we talked about today. And I don't know how you guys fall on this but it apparently is a fashion controversy because. There's a sixteen year old model who was posing. Never -- cover I believe it's a French magazine. And people are actually talking about it because they took the picture. They've put her any dark makeup and then that -- should just say that's a Caucasian model -- Caucasian. Sixteen year old right and and then and then put The African Queen title beside the photo shoot them so a lot of people are wondering. And we talked about on the show there are some gorgeous. Gorgeous models of all skin colors and so why wouldn't you and they're not they're not always represented on the on the catwalk they're not always represented an editorial so why wouldn't you when you had the opportunity to hire one why wouldn't you. My -- you promote them -- Deborah Roberts told us are only 6%. Of all model populations are black you would think that they would wanna. Boost that number in and said you're going to a white model and I do well I think and it's also important to note that the social tenor. In France this was a French magazine this is different. Then it is here does not fall. Does not so -- all with -- this seismic. Hit -- -- might hear from I think. It's fair to say -- face. I would argue -- appropriate but that's again based on the history of this country in the context. The place we find ourselves now and as -- point is that reported out as well you could have just said perhaps this was high fashion putting African Queen. Doesn't he mean even if not for smashing Kim said I had no idea that they were gonna called issue and right photos that content. To that -- -- polarized to that point the model. You know when you're -- -- your hired on your rate you'd go in there -- do whatever they want you to dinner they cover you up in red paint you sit there and red -- they put fire -- on -- -- that is well. If your photographer you -- what they tell you to shoot and they sent it off to the editors the the whole thing will rest with the editors that an agreement. I'm I'm I'm proud of where we -- has decided where the more sensitive country here to talk about an issue like this good for us -- -- for us. Also I don't know that he's go to go with the don't know -- there is they -- diet because every day we talked about a different diets bad here but this -- new book called the fast diet and juju Chang brought the story to us and it doesn't look that bad I think it's something that we all agreed we could possibly try out. Where you know I will say that leading into the early part of the show and I'll I'll take the full brunt of this I was making fun of the story is that out of here we go it's and it's another dietary eat whatever you want to lose weight. Bull you know whatever but but you know what makes me angry -- -- -- -- -- -- pipes because people will try it -- people will put their hopes and their dreams and everything in that. But after talking to did you. She says this guy wasn't even trying to do -- died he was trying to understand your blood levels and how your body is healthy one's body chemistry and matching -- and chemistry right. And that that the mice that they did this to where they. Basically did a fast for the proportion of their week. Their blood chemistry changed to a healthier level and stayed that way for the rest of the week no matter what the eight. So they gave a control group after they did the -- fasting days with the -- government calories it is. They gave one group. A low fat diet -- -- the other group really eat whatever. You watch what everyone and when they -- their blood levels they were the same thing at healthy levels so I thought this was very interesting and a different way. And he didn't get a chance to see it again a lot of -- use wonderful piece about the fast. Diet is fantastic stuff I have a feeling just two of the story is resonating on the big -- -- day. And you springer it's not it's not nice to social media and with -- -- full body so maybe finish the body and then you tell us what. I -- mama got an idea to whatever I -- -- barbecue last night probably not time before the two fasting days that are part of that them. Now I don't do that. Yeah. -- what do you. So I'm gonna put this on your -- I'm I'm -- in the Orioles. Your piece and it they're gonna talk about a later this little he's ever felt you're gonna about it later but the piece of -- in California. Office tried for us this morning. -- I mean we've solved Robin Roberts level of engagement -- his -- -- because. It -- resonated with people and they love to see you guys out there I gotta say that I went to my Little League field. And I have the same experience like I remember being there my dad and and I'm from West Virginia so growing up -- driving on the country. And going up to that deal was just like overwhelming I -- tell you -- -- -- we we designed it. It just to get some of the places that I went to and just driving -- my little town. Of Westchester right next LEX. For those you have heard of it there was I knew the deal was -- accent and quite what does it take two minutes -- go look. They're happy to have any game that just played. And I can tell you I had no idea that we it was all coming up and it was one of those moments last towns and the story and you could certainly can feel. You can view -- sort of pushing out -- I -- -- your face and the tears are about -- -- and I'm like oh god. Oh fine to wait until it was Great -- nominee of our viewers fry -- -- -- -- -- Hannity guy entitlement here around. It was it was all that was unclear that that's -- right yet but they didn't leave enough time because Mike came running out the house on the street and that he's -- to. That -- -- it was an amazing. Amazing thing just to go around with my mind I -- -- -- -- I. I don't know if we did this in the past with some what like Charlie and Diane I think that you actually go back from -- -- all the anchors here -- and I can't tell you it was a great idea until some time and to deal with one of my best -- great fall I'll sell it became so much -- -- -- authentic -- that's why it resonated with but let me let me say if so -- said that you said you're going to Mars. Do you started a hash tag. Friday may -- -- Brothers this story out there that -- -- -- a married couple and gossip like the white fitted with the -- -- so we asked people. What should Josh and Sam got. Yeah. Jim it is since. It's been a great idea that the -- Every gallon you need your skinny might turn around studio that -- -- Probably try Catholic Faith -- -- -- cities think we got several things like this take probably Theo yeah. That we have a good living I heard lately any need books snacks and several people said just take them with the deal what would you take if you go to -- to -- with -- A lot in and out. This is that 600. Day excursion. In you know space capsule that they have been designed yet you know what I -- I -- know I know I'm not -- -- -- I would take I would take the therapist that we would need after about hundred. Besides -- I think Richard -- have -- that. I think very I'm not -- when Walt Disney company -- do -- right and my favorite part of the story was reviewed the did that guy wants to do it Dennis Tito. Said that there's some things we have to worked -- including how to get it -- -- yeah and others. Oh lead now lead. Not going to U -- I got that -- spring comedy called -- not Ed McMahon. I think a lot of people and -- I -- of -- ignorant you're gonna be Mandarin front I mean anybody on TV my did you springer yes. -- -- -- And that was amazingly cute as you know love is amazingly cute -- his yeah. On the show you know how far are big steals and deals right now. Yeah getting that right yes but for you on this on this we can color broadcast on this next weekend -- And I extravagant live extravaganza. -- there is a deal -- -- a deal we'll just call for years. The Don anything right now live extravaganza broadcast the -- -- that saving the network break. Yeah. Yeah -- -- out until later put. All of that is it and it's fabulous company Natalie -- yeah so that is. These helpful almost you can -- them up I don't wanna like. Ruining but you can you folded up -- comes a little house in full evidence in they have -- enormous. Assortment of shoes started by two gorgeous girls really -- on -- -- And their so inexpensive so when you need to leave here and you've got the ocean on an icy to the table right beyond what you have a good idea because you have to get this huge -- especially when. -- to -- New York can't just run home when you're always on the go -- and his brother Steve who doesn't get that might need a lot of the blast. Yet Chinese and and then girls of that age I guess college age girls Wear a lot of what a lot of the -- -- -- you know that it's an amazing deal so not only -- the assortment she go to that -- in the entire website is part of it Gmail -- today. Starting at 22 dollars slashed in half starting at 110 yeah. And yeah. I'm not that -- deal along with all the others that we featured today 15% of all the sales are going to be even now. -- so you can't save the. You don't -- -- -- that I am anyway right and the environment and you know -- -- thank you so much it's that this is. It's not just -- -- it's a great deal I know how much you do for companies I know how much it means and to be able also. To help. Give the gift of life it is. Fantastic remained in -- it up I don't I don't watch the numbers -- all -- today and I can't wait rescued military -- you know how mount my we've given that we're gonna do it Bernadette are saying you know -- it's gonna be like a live reveal exclusively beginning alive. That we can't and I think we can -- Yeah and it will lose and we can't live love it. Bob on right now what we're not right now not five minutes not ten minutes you're on your computer just open up and do it now. Very well made by the Fed rate they aren't as well they're very very McCain. Okay. And this morning we showed you -- we get -- -- your favorite red carpet looks from glass and Jozy we've got the word out. And I. Says it is hello he's not so I saw it before we started. Admittedly sometimes these segments make me feel like a bit fish out of water -- truck got up. Today's president TV dollar just the blue velvet and number that would. Let's come right wedding fashion Josh yeah yeah writing that taken over night I don't even to be here now we got. Allegedly now what that's gonna talk about another dress -- a lot of. I think controversy -- -- had so much controversy around the stressed how -- so simple but you have the way I mean I think by now lets you were sleep all -- and you know with this whole. Switcheroo number of like -- Prada Valentino Valentino product but. Screw all -- I think problem -- yeah. But let's talk about how we can -- this every -- women because they're absolutely. Improved much I'm so this is from uniquely vintage and what I love about. And. -- -- -- What did a heavy duchess satin which is way too formal but this isn't an easy volley and -- -- -- through spring -- and it's eighty dollars in my area. Grocery store dressed grocers aren't the you know what else you don't worry about this there's no noble -- -- a little mystery about what -- You -- -- -- -- when I know I don't nipple again. No link comes I think we day after we talked about the last minute switcheroo and I got news Korea. That was announced I don't know about the draft. It is yeah. No -- -- that before. -- darts are where they were darts they regard the idea this ditching but I'm telling you -- right. You know sitting out there -- -- an idea I think I need is another fitting and then switching to address a last minute into the -- time. -- -- -- I -- the back of the dress was gorgeous idea -- -- do you have to say the back of the dresses gorgeous when I saw the jewels she was -- we're at the Elton -- party and -- -- turned around I -- that is crazy beautiful that necklace. I guess was from Tiffany's yet but but that also needed another -- Zone you're absolutely absolutely right -- Up until somebody comes in and really talked about it -- -- like that we have also value them but yeah. -- -- -- -- extra. Pop extra Sammy what are we are -- since -- without them I thought -- yet still be out thunder and a little pop legend tonight what you know is that not true. I thought I. -- -- -- -- pop idea what we saw this video out there we had showed he had not everybody is a fan Oreo cream filling -- apparently is what we're told. A physicist and Portland has a solution take a look at what he created he called the OS and it stands for -- separating machine. The contraption includes a blowtorch and a hatchet a router table all of it made to get rid of that annoying them. Cream filling that keeps you from a delicious chocolate cookies. It's time you -- equally -- -- outcome on this really doing yes it's Julian and what -- -- wing greens very. -- I got to take sheik -- how do we -- we. What -- your audience. Really truly how do you do it what you're everybody's different kind of and I'll be out there -- this 11 pat. -- won't yet now sitting I want from myself. Fly and you know this is this is -- -- separating wrong what's going on line I'm not getting it clean separation on any other. No I eat that I -- the flat cookie first yeah we're gonna debate the cream -- first -- -- that yet and I -- a -- -- -- that I like -- better -- down. I don't -- I think it -- I don't think that it throws up an Angel ratio of the war so no one doubts. I don't -- you don't pull out now I don't -- well Heidi we area. What comments click on the arrow that's over on -- -- delivered to over there him over their out of a Sam. -- -- -- And tell us how you -- -- -- -- separate teary eyed and I think you guys know that there's an American Heritage night Latin after terror we'll have financial boy I gather other leg of Clinton's. Clinton -- like. Bob and today -- today. Bob. At about. I mean what it was we got a little bit about it and I'm now mom nervous and embarrassed back. It was a great day and I know you know we were even joking about it like so -- -- These can be the most predictable piece like cool let's go see the whole -- yeah. They're Diana's Chinese -- that and I I really did I said you know don't I want to do was. This is written got -- like -- didn't need any direct. He shot indeed did the peace and first of all phenomenal job thank you thank you somehow think -- I. I was surprised I was surprised. We'll look rich took great care and saying -- I wanted to show -- it -- -- you or LA and the big knock on LA is that it's there's not really -- city there really LA is a bunch of little towns if you just kinda you know where you are. I grew up in a tiny little suburb right next LAX one of the first housing developments post World War II. And rich I can't thank you enough I just -- you don't know how to put yourself out there in that way you just did a wonderful. Those funds -- CIA the sands producer dress tonight. Had just such a great time I was like you know it was just fun for like five hours does our -- and there was just as beautiful and there's two things that I wanna show effect. -- there's too little video clips of. Her -- daughters. Just a sliver of what it's like being around you guys. For several hours statistical blog takes that. Mayoral -- -- -- about sort of the -- -- obviously we're here for the Oscars. But since we have a snazzy red sports car -- I wanna say where I'm from. Pick up that Hilbert yeah -- about it -- -- get and aren't gonna get this over the thing I quit my taping over how. This workshop is are you. -- and pure PR. -- Los Angeles. We'll get grade and movie stars. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Angeles OK it's Josh let's -- Have you met international film and television star Sam Gandy and star in such television shows as -- -- Good Morning America the. -- -- -- -- This is international film and television -- Sam Champion of the typical political and -- come on come up here don't look -- you know this cars coming -- live -- -- look. There may be totally recognize him. Not pick sand. Alan got high -- -- them fill and I. Yeah I go anywhere we hear you are -- -- go -- -- international film and television stars same candidate that the people travel and they're saying it can't be but. I was watching the tape after after -- -- And I literally heard you say that maybe like six times it looked like I didn't get -- it -- And so -- until the second the second thing is. Viewers need to know there's this is behind the scenes show. Something that didn't make him that he I was -- know you guys -- are much fiber. And heart and I'm these guys and do this thing. On the beach I want to get him in this new aids bicycle and make him look. A little bit he had abolished admittedly and they weren't -- at all and I said finally just do it c'mon. -- because of the streets writers and -- signals it. This this is not a good idea. This is not a good idea after. -- -- -- -- -- I don't know. -- he was never. Excuse me books -- about them. Sam today. -- -- Turn it this it's scary. I'm feeling pretty good standing. Good humor but I'm not sir Edmund pat I'm not sure that I really want. All you -- -- he could. That's amazing and -- -- what black and. And they -- and -- industries Strider it actually was a lot of it. Actually was fun in the end -- I think the problem was is that -- actually got to hang of -- so he did not look it. Boo -- addition actually make the -- but yet she didn't work out -- -- don't -- -- -- you took Molly. And I went we we went on the run and -- to do you interview Nicole -- yes and we went for right on the street traders and that's LA streets -- and Nicole Kidman video. The LA story. Through -- and it regularly thank you so much and -- -- Darcy. And thank you all for joining us thank -- beyond thanks for having maiden voyage. -- visited. I think CNN live every morning and -- -- -- We'll see you tomorrow.

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