GMA LIVE! (03.06.13)

Amy Robach, Sam Champion, Josh Elliott take on giant gummy bears, snack flavored teas.
11:13 | 03/06/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (03.06.13)
Probably figure out what I had no idea our table can we say hello. -- any -- you guys come every year's visit. All right for Wasatch is this the is it from is it for you to -- -- can I assume yes so every you guys come every year. Hannah and Eddie C gadget of the hornets or in the the -- -- -- wasp well I mean hornets lost them independence and they. But hey thanks for sticking around and boy it is -- you guys -- the spirit award it is blustery and terrible outside -- blame you for that but hey everybody -- Sachs. How what happened to the Josh couldn't use the -- -- that you named after yourself my gosh now I believe I give that big winner. And wet and and who commissioned the box why why. This is like bursts of violence distressing to me that anyone can use this getting my -- and and now apparently don't assume that you may you just -- -- -- Obviously -- 40 body. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm take up about outdoor are up that solid gold but actually yes. Serena may that's for daddy you're so that's what it is also -- and it -- I cannot act. However do not true -- -- -- -- night oh in the box though and show folks think there's -- -- -- island sound about it. Like a pulp fiction moment you know when they open the box writes it's as I didn't canyon near here in -- complete. It's so good news so that you're what it's like this is hurt -- hold this in -- but it's really really heard variously. No desire from looks like you know when it finds probably -- this -- -- profound sorry you. That's a real -- -- -- planet you mean the top of the skinny my I was sorry yes the actual functioning. I still say that the wind screen people it's not -- now that were on it we were on the and we. We will -- please lay and it is a brainchild exactly dream of all of ours we -- do. A game show week. On Good Morning America. -- -- -- -- -- -- You know I think everyone is committed to win these pressure -- and no -- and. You know I wanna do a match game thankfully we -- Charles Nelson Reilly's -- it. -- -- -- Philippines. -- like I don't know at GMA. -- tagged you may live -- -- -- -- know we. So that's the show occasionally a -- DNA and we know we keep with the -- -- that he knows show -- -- it's now it will indeed show that they paid label we've got into entail. But let's go over right now they are right it could you put his Andrew -- our social media guru -- we need you to. Really get behind this idea and Egypt -- -- -- got a second tweeting this is so -- he's tweeting I'm right around this social media and I hate when my favorite out. Mac's so game Matt gas giant show host gene Rayburn -- down actually read. Loving father friend and blind. And it doesn't really don't want Hollywood ending I don't I -- We don't won't -- men I've. Favorite game show -- family -- I would totally we should do it VNA family feud yet -- people on Twitter acted like to an end like teen Josh and teen fans. We have been trying help because this for an easier still hasn't at least a year and it hasn't happened so help us. Make it has yet experienced into and I tell you regularly such a copy to browbeat you. It'll be great guest at -- -- -- -- best day. That since you. I'm here. All right what do we have what we have this morning first of all the amazing response again to the breakfast what he's serving a -- -- today. We -- this morning at over 200 -- for -- summer. People -- you know it's great we're -- coming to about that but we -- -- because this was the biggest story yesterday I'd side. Was that you know Kate Middleton probably gonna have a girl so we asked deal what should we what should -- name -- if it's a girl. And of course -- between like that. Yeah Diane yeah. And then there's always the -- -- named Elisabeth Diana. Ford Diane Allen event. That's -- Diana -- but this is my favorite is my absolute favorite vina. A letter or how royal highlight them -- out of talent that what would you what would what would you -- under. They're not good. I don't know I mean I don't really look like girls so there. Falwell and. And other special episode -- game and I. Because there's just that we all have something to celebrate now -- don't like you can gradually. -- yeah. He in my name my daughter -- that put out. About advocate is -- -- begins Kate's right. A Teddy bear and she says hello and proud -- -- -- They grabbed a -- -- so thank you this'll be all keep this from Mike good to. And then stop and stops. And so while the -- have. Tabloids finally. Let's be honest it's a news cycle that they've been given weakened right the who's gonna say daughter who's gonna say -- I really do you think. She was gonna say dog it makes tonight that -- and that it's a -- -- That Teddy very cheesy and embarrassed it to Santa himself and and she thought knew it wouldn't be nice to say that and and I -- I and I think that. Laudable I don't think they -- have you -- in July to -- -- -- -- we don't have to wait for a check in Norman's millionaire in the hot. -- -- some governors they're getting a bit and make over this big commercial for you apparently little more than a million news happened on line. A company -- using giant gummy bears they're eighteen times the size. A regular bears almost three inches tall. Let's I kind of effect -- -- -- off what a nightmare Omar. -- it's not just a nightmare. Bigger is better I am right now communities -- -- on -- to -- -- heck yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I would use this seriously Andrew I would use this I'm gonna go make a lot of runner -- at what -- Miami tonight that -- opt out or not you just. Our -- are you -- -- hall they'll. -- don't expect job like this anymore there's probably not get your screen grab that anytime -- You are you terrifying. -- like -- you wolf let's let me. Anchoring with a walk like Rachel -- just make -- burgers they were already dead they're not run and off the plate in you can meet him into the commercial break clearly left and the star -- the entire -- and she sees food she likes. It's really really did you look like food fragments right now. I don't -- yeah. What to do without it won't sit ups this legislation I mean it's it's delicious it's just also plea I mean it's happy it's like it's everything I -- expertise. But what -- you put it on drinking. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- On CNN -- what if you can still not -- the -- thought I don't know those galleries and David Siegel is here by the way. Okay. -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't like you've got tee shots in Canada. And across the State's right he had a good morning -- I think you have got a microphone how we feel really good that. -- -- -- -- -- -- I'd say how to live studio audience most of them. You don't five calories and you're saying that you get all the flavor but you don't have them. And business he had dated zero Albany into finding her and really easy to make and we have a 150 incredible flavors from all over the world and we're doing it right. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Popcorn. -- -- popcorn. It's like -- I -- -- didn't go ahead to ahead. Yeah. Dog movie night it's a breezy days with cannot pull -- -- popcorn. -- -- saying -- all right very good -- some of those yet. Some guess is next and tough talk from what is it -- -- yet chocolate I was -- -- but chocolate I don't know -- -- chocolate in it but it's cooking. Dissident it is is not a violent Jihad Jihad judges. This is. -- you have -- everyone in this place to -- -- was giddy Mike now you knew that I didn't give you the but my judges -- how sorry I -- -- -- mixed -- -- this is. Not just don't know it's like it's like it's not like -- bomb one of Condit of labor -- ball -- It's really it's really relax so what -- I can't. Can't that it is what. -- -- -- -- Isn't this bus Moroccan mint that it was like have been red light is getting pretty senator yeah. Let's terrific -- -- that's my favorites apartment killing all the taste -- our -- knowing this this now this is very T like. This is the first one actually I guess nothing -- -- It's just glad you did like like Redman let it now you're whenever I -- I still not to given. I have no idea just did you paper this one -- Yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- It's -- -- -- -- -- bits of the pigeons yourself I'd like this this is really now these -- terrific obviously this is terrific tonight at want to learn I think he'd be used to do us. Did you meet this these last July. Yeah we basically got two yeah we've got to and we want to know from you. Flavored -- what would you like I would how about one of these popcorn you know mint chocolate salty. Mountain ridge just I think you can vote like where's there's usually a ball -- -- hard line it's over standards are probably over -- and click on an eight yeah. -- -- The follows me wherever I go yeah. It is an abbreviated version of -- I think we're done aren't -- final -- thanks. The American dot -- upon the food all right 9 AM eastern standard we'll see you tomorrow but live. -- Yeah.

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