GMA LIVE! (03.21.13)

Josh Elliott and Sam Champion check out Tory's exclusive deal for 'GMA Live' viewers only.
3:00 | 03/21/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (03.21.13)
Okay. -- New England that was your last not always so I'm eating while the -- -- but -- -- it on top -- incredibly -- -- Let me just like to -- news and stay here on the big big show after it started with play a -- of -- that they called death -- copy because he can still much caffeine in do you have any more that. -- -- -- -- Do you mind -- that's what happens it takes your blood sugar levels still -- -- -- You -- eating like a small army to get a job that's true but the funny thing is is that. Take a lot and we -- area. I'll get -- Like it's not -- It is a lot. You love. Your ideally why is that part of the show earlier this. -- -- weren't responsible and I have never done the wrong thing yeah. The -- -- that live have a hello -- why would you take you know I don't know. -- -- -- You're -- for all of that's awful -- don't show that again great -- -- in all it's terrific that summer fun I got to unload my top chef madness with her. Also great today and. -- -- and I've said this. Having -- a half year old girl right now I couldn't be happier if only because -- driver out of the car was there she hears all the songs on the radio and so many strong. Women -- up now -- the world yet. And -- -- want to mom and it is as sweet as she is. Previously talented. Meeting her today -- improbable and gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous pregnant beautiful in. And how wonderful and sweet without any hope of trying has no knowledge must Aladdin knowledge it's got its common I don't know -- humbled -- and got to figure it out. -- -- -- -- -- -- For good morning and look at our lovely studio audience. How will we can now look at bids can did you do that now it went down that camera. Were were working on like we got about 25 cents in the budget you -- -- eligible didn't meet current. They -- -- don't -- apparently are don't be afraid that lovely. Also lovely the rapidly disappearing -- wow. And even -- now who was like no -- Look at all gets a little early and Kim Regis can we show you off a little -- you know you're usually or did -- and -- -- you know Americans are we look at you look at. I wish -- It's quiet. Found a -- look at his camera honey it's called the veto plan. It's called the speed of play and you're familiar with -- -- sixty. All the -- -- glad not this include -- -- not it does not but she emailed me the other night instead have a 9 PM. Boot camp tonight -- thank god I'm in Houston today he has -- -- want to have to -- let her do that when gas -- -- anyway what an idiot if you don't get -- think they -- so friends that I am reading a book about it with -- to come at a September and -- like its marching -- plugging -- September but audiences and. It's a great mom and my mind -- like that need to -- did you bring to the chocolate covered Oregon yeah. Yeah because -- -- and you need a week's worth of calories morning. Thankfully yeah copy. Thank you and then I'll that's compliment you can see the damage now even so nice it happily ever tell you this I -- -- this gas. Working with Sam -- -- of their I've never worked with somebody is that on live television to see what is. -- -- say that and I can't imagine I'm uncomfortable I can't imagine working with a better friend saw. OK. -- I don't want. Thank you yet. So that makes it depicted posted -- good to have you with the people sent us -- -- that. Tell on the so what do you want to Wear lipstick and now policy this brand that you parents the bottom -- and bought out of London yeah until now about the clintons fabulous colors fabulous company can't fabulous deals said depending on the selection that you -- there's all different packages that you'll finally -- -- Good Morning America that colony out of packages starting at 25 dollars but there of course last. Half -- TV like yeah. Not -- work this week that I don't think there -- -- -- -- pretty but but look but. Look at all what can I gotta get -- who I didn't let him who did anyone in the audience where let's not go because now. Little -- water have a little -- What is this -- business -- general Wallace. All right mom. -- now Torre I'm I know you -- just did this he's normally go forward. Don't in the heart of the growing -- he summer when he -- Dot com I think not only did we have they still will also have other exclusives we have been. Yields -- -- this morning we got so much stuff to get you ready for spring I don't read that right. -- -- There you go. Since we've witnesses we separating you from the -- And basically showed you behind -- -- I'm so sorry I feel like that -- -- punished over here. So you're just over the you know is -- Miami -- group and all I thought you bought who by the -- -- -- you can see I got none in his. Now just come out of the pool -- you know you could see the beautiful he -- apple viola. The -- on. I finally afford nice banged -- let's really get -- -- bad you're looking good -- -- but maybe he doesn't mean we work on the docket. I talking yesterday about a little dead yet let's. I got a tweet from -- -- Aaron rabbinate. Yeah bring president views the job where we feet from me -- our intrepid producer CL he's watching us from the beach in Key West. He's on vacation. -- -- anyway we're working this camera how crazy. We were is that you can go. I doubt seriously she deserves it she does -- deserves -- -- By the way today is the seventh birthday. Twitter. Went there and number about the daughter died because of Twitter I was an -- at the DC bureau -- -- at least the start. When. Detonated but -- that little video. When a plane crash in buffalo and I used Twitter to find the air traffic control but I -- to take some other really influential -- As we look back in time -- look at that. Visits from the Mars Phoenix even recess time June 19 I can't say I can't -- -- -- they've got the news that they've found ice on Mars. And actually this is one that I -- and we train our staff right James -- who is a journalism student at UC Berkeley I believe. On April 10 at 2008 he was in Cairo and he simply pleaded arrested. And that's how his family on the world now about the he had been around well eventually got. It was allowed to make any phone calls but right -- getting arrested. Interesting I don't want to show you my first week. Could you can't wait that -- are excited to some might -- me. And it was totally worth the payoff MBA was worth that they'll slow buildup that yeah I -- share -- what -- -- -- or -- at a loss there. Lara. Has treated -- 6300. Times -- Josh you that we did -- 7700. Scientists -- a lot -- and 8000 of them are about soccer. But get that -- can't again has it's thirties that. I tell people all the time do not follow me give you know. Live -- to -- -- page every morning because that we just do every morning morning after a morning after morning. Levees that can I tell you this a very sick when I was still at ESPN yes and that's back yeah I wanna -- probably -- and maybe -- nine. We came and Shaquille O'Neal as a member of the Phoenix Suns at this point and we heard about him he would go out like diners and restaurants the Phoenix area with two tickets to that night's game. And he was giving them -- like how to -- -- when he said there's this thing it's like Tweeter. Or some thing he'd like he just he does it on the Internet access where he is in the first person to find in the back -- gets the tickets. It was Twitter so literally at ESPN nobody nobody yet. So we like created at a sports center account just to figure out like what it was and here we are I can't I was Samad Twitter can't imagine what for the opening. That was a very early adopters Berry Berry Mary fatherly thing. I declare for the job that seriously -- Everything you did you stay -- we would didn't -- class and slightly rumpled giving. But who doesn't love a little chocolate in the morning we were toast -- with chocolate eggs at you kids -- today. But it's just it should but she's married yet come -- Video here in New York won't like -- Have you wearing -- it -- -- Wallace see I feel like me can you really see. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Oh my gosh really happened. Wait that's -- these. That'd mean that's that is a whole our whole thing that happened in addition -- The little roses on the yeah -- -- -- meet our beautiful studio audience how delicately walking actually thought and. And in. What season losing things -- Yet now. And Laurie easier to tell it like to share some of the wildest creations this being one of them as people Terrell -- her clothes and maybe the -- -- right. Here. China on GMA alive that nobody. Isn't it. That got -- so what are. -- besides the I'm gonna dress myself and chocolate idea what are some of the wildest ideas you've done because this is your bids. That what we did. For the topic Phat fashion show at home every do you mind if I just have died and I feel I feel -- -- -- gravity of the cardiac hill I just getting at -- Brandon -- go -- ahead. Don't go ahead and every year November that they New York talk with -- -- -- a fashion show as a previous. -- -- -- The model black had a talk about that -- he would teens -- begin mortician her. -- -- So we had our designer contrast -- look -- -- real. Our -- among the top -- -- from Hollywood doesn't atop percent last year we made the -- and an actual case culture our neighbor Paula walking. And then this is the kids Glenn because -- smiling chocolate sculpture right and then over here is another mileage out with sculpture. This is this is beautiful it's it's not -- it begs the question is there anything you can't do with chocolate -- you know well gimmick of flying. There might like I can't let it you know what I was wondering. Denise in the control -- We've got I'll get a handle your best Udinese on. I don't Serengeti. And shot but -- right now Seattle has suddenly -- that'll be -- night you'll never forget that you can't promise you that. Consummation -- is called partner yeah because I think you where the grass and it. -- yet it starts to that we got mine is very put -- -- models yeah. Handing out I could tell you about that we and there isn't a little yeah. This isn't real it's because that's it's urgent in order to dress like yes lead and then get -- that are done I don't want to argue -- -- Do you want your blood -- it is. Sorry. First time by the -- -- A little about that we'll -- the first time we've actually ever eaten the clothing of the guest on the show up negative -- -- -- multnomah. -- Yes. OK and this is something that I saw a couple days ago and I. Add to reach out. We're gonna go back in April 1988. It's almost obviously 25 years to the -- ago lest the cover of -- -- times magazine. Had this. And it was. Caught the attention of Jerry lock. He's an engineering director at the time the article. It was one of those that predicts what the world -- I love them so it look what will the world look like 25 years from now being the year 23. Team right. 25 years later than it is fair to say this thing is still making an impression because. Jerry -- -- hours now professor at USC fight on and he's using the story to help teaches engineering students the relevance. Technology developments of -- technology we're happy to have now joined by couple of -- students. Via Skype there from the US the end -- I have to do when I saw this I mean. It's one of those -- -- did you have to diving just to see where we were right where we weren't so right. What struck you. Not just -- but what struck you about this article now. Well I guess two things one that they were right on target on many of the topics. Some of them aren't here yet to the degree that they projected they would be by this point right so they debate over predicted. Weird thing about what you would be -- 2013. But pretty much on target I think concerns -- the the general trend that they were forecast and some of them are like what like flying cars that was one of the things right. Well but before topics that I had the students focus on -- Smart cars. Robots in the home. Hi tech teaching. And then there was a quite a -- coverage on the demographics of Los Angeles and 23 -- jobs schools pollution crime and things of that sort. We've obviously the Smart cars I mean we've obviously does he knows the robots in the home I mean we're not necessarily at Jackson's level where we have. What ever nameless but rolled around -- -- Rosie. -- but where are we right now with robot technology especially as it applies to daily life. Well. He robots are quite pervasive now in in factories. In touch a -- good jobs and things of that sort. They're being used in surgery in the hospitals. But we really haven't -- the home yet to the extent that was forecast in this article. I don't know I've got one cleaning my carpet ready perhaps a little. I don't know I'm Brooke I wanna bring your students -- guys what do you what do you make. This article then and now. -- -- -- Am that it -- and resists being called I am -- insanity. Doing college Clark's 90%. Making their bags and preparing goal of creating and everything so. We're not. There -- yet. But that he is not without some results robots -- -- Growers are not only the devices -- out night -- human rights now. Legs and arms. Today could be an active ICC I am not trying -- so without. -- sort of pro models that I can vacuum cleaners wound yeah. Bob that he needs also allowed that would outlaw many of the masons. Note -- -- tonight. -- being blocked Aaron for an. For many their -- yeah -- What do you mean they were on the were more on the monument not -- any any if you look at that picture the architecture at that time really wouldn't have been possible but those buildings are all over now we look at that that thin sleek like knife blade architecture. That is now on -- more and more -- -- that's what downtown Los Angeles a stone's throw from USC's actually looked like dot -- I can now are and you -- -- we really appreciate you -- -- with us and this again. That's made an article -- for everybody out there. On the Internet just Google it because you know about the Google and its terrific district that we want to thank you -- for joining us -- thank you. Okay. And of course we have made. Poll actually doesn't get one -- -- let's go 25 years now from here predictions for the year twenty. 38 I'm gonna predict one thing right now in champions -- look exactly like this trust me. I'm telling you. Because have you seen what technology can they'll be a little -- -- be a little jar of extra skin that carry with me but yeah. This -- just get a radler right and -- -- -- title back -- around art but do you predicted there will be used eight. Flying car I hope so and I think we should be close. Robot work force might not know. Let's keep us in jobs right. Yet telepathy conference calls -- I'm thinking of a few right now don't stop thinking about -- -- -- I. Innovation I love it holographic -- yes all calls out would be yet enjoy getting out there and just turn it off -- -- because they can traveling you don't have to you know yes worry about let us so. Yes added -- it's fake -- that you just like. If I just wanted to cheeseburger right now just wouldn't be here right now all right 25 years on an -- ago. We have so much more to get -- -- to do that privately without the the intrusion of cameras. We want to thank you. All these folks back here.

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