GMA LIVE! (05.22.13)

Josh, Lara and Sherrod chat about "DWTS'" finale and help celebrate a special "GMA" family birthday.
14:52 | 05/22/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (05.22.13)
Are we will get all the people not inside of me why. Morning. Good Morning America Dancing With The Stars have your party in there and champ she's been found that they've been telling peddler. Bring it home -- -- We will see a bit later in our little program here on. Instead -- say -- -- and international sensation. And will prove it coming right up there is that day. Her partner Val. Can tell you -- list Spencer stuff your fears of -- doughnuts. Now. Then Dahlia what what a morning hear what agree that had he can have a Zealand. Think if someone they don't -- that is for prepayment what we'll talk about Fiat we'll get -- Exxon's. Well we eat we saw a lot of calories being -- dancing with stars what a great cast to love them behind the scenes what you -- -- -- on the -- is how tight they all are in real life. Cameras stop rolling during commercial breaks they don't stop talking and making fun of each other teasing just like we do really -- what Robin. And Robinson and -- that I really thought that this season. They get it right but this season was especially right to -- partnership. You know that is beginning. Giving -- lows that can sort of do that for each other -- It is very -- -- -- you when you got it across the board likely about it. -- really really really and I and you honestly could -- and does so down to the wire where you didn't. I didn't really care which of the finalists won because I love -- -- and I'd gotten so invested in their stories so I mean I think at the end of the day Kelly. She earned it yet -- -- -- -- our bottom is the best choreographer no question. And I love all of them but he he just nailed it even today -- -- their performance footloose and couldn't stop moving your feet. First of all else tells clearly they flew overnight to do I know some things thank -- -- what do you make tell -- I tried -- telling you -- -- today I'm Robin that we great news Robin Roberts. Writing her memoir. And that will come out in April -- I have the pleasure I have the pleasure of announcing that as in top news which is also -- -- a little thing on Twitter where she said Lara has very special announcement is Robin is very very excited about this as well trust to tell her story her journey from battle apparently back in the chair just a lot to say and share and and and we lover so much -- -- -- out. Robin says -- -- specially outfitted in -- news immediately Twitter -- says oh my -- there is pregnant. That's where he -- Human alias and got pregnant and Josh if things that's hysterical below your regular -- that -- -- up and up to three affecting the -- not a relevant and I am energized. Because that's Michael stoking the flames Xena was and then I will say this didn't exist she delivered the -- news today -- -- -- -- then she's. -- -- -- -- I'm ready argument you're gonna announce the due -- April when and of course it's Robbins memoir but -- what -- for 45 minutes Twitter. It was buying the little baby presents I mean Twitter was so happy trio thanks very much for thinking that I -- it. Carrying a child we have a couple a never -- surprises first of all we are eaten Q I'm don't know they are here special promotion ten day only. All right have you are close to Krispy Kreme can get there don't run don't walk there -- so bad you will both. You when a friend get a free key lime doughnut today again it is. Participating Krispy Kreme splintered wood that I -- -- And then that's and that's not all -- not snow fog that's not all you know you love please don't -- sure -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Look at you by the what you looks. Yeah -- -- roll out of the more than we didn't know. He got going -- with two body -- none of the soul infused at 830 every Tuesday -- the unites into hip hop yeah. And I you know that's going -- done really well and well here you've got to get knocked down on I have -- out that God's example of what the men in black he. That's double black man yeah I -- -- it's looking really good DC doesn't start hang up their gas that is those people can move public god Derreck Robinson robot what the other. -- was watch I was watching your face immediate idiot wind I remember the first time I saw deceptively when you see that up close and again they flew all night right they're out -- and doing back. It's been unbelievable it is -- -- how do you get when his energy coming from this early holiday and the -- got off a plane. Would you do would you do get to the -- They -- it you go to our our I -- that we -- but it amounts of Heathrow. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The very special moment it is based -- honey -- money -- -- -- -- bring -- special so. Are -- -- intrepid leader here once upon a time we used to have corn flakes with him every morning and then he moved on left us in the dust. You're just Gholston. He is. He's the -- -- here is that many many names in the -- senior top secret. Double exact double executive and the agent the world and -- and dozens of women is not bringing peace to the world and solving. Big problems to talk to -- he's no checking them all yet Luis Tiant -- -- well let's let's let's let's meet the gulf of lettuce and now let's take a look. Perrier is -- right now in -- airline hijackings. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Azaria on notice that that is a good look god you need I didn't think I dug up some prominent and a look into his character I think we have one other shot yes. Details yeah he did James and his many -- is your fault this is here. Johnny get a glimpse and there are here and and I. And Aaron and Barry -- guiding this yeah. I didn't finish. I get a -- -- candidate you. Come march and ends and still watching on going to come on you hear you look at you -- this -- Jane the London I'm. New Orleans I was watching you why I'm gonna guess you've never been more proud of you dear son been watching him about -- games. Were able wrapped around is now thinking. That. Thank you so much so this is -- -- that we outnumbered you look amazing it's unbelievable yeah are unbelievable up. Bet they sell its for a different -- so there's I did -- James says -- and mom -- what would you like for your birthday. She says if I can have anything I wanna dance with Derek. And Malo and now -- -- anyway though she's flies sheets here it's fantastic what a coincidence that the day you've got here he just happens I. -- We've gone and guess what your son even your son has powerful ideas can't control that think that I think what you can control is giving your way. -- -- -- -- -- -- The young pregnant extension -- yeah. You know its -- goodness being -- -- we can't even afford to music so they're just dancing to a teammate here and there. How come Andrea Andrea let's rethink -- it could be did not even hasn't just did dates and isn't he insists. Nice soccer. Changing most of her I don't I heard you a conversation yes it's it's -- it comes it's really. Speak State's schools but so so -- that everything that you helped to name on the because it's like you -- -- -- to us yeah. -- Oh yeah and the new Arnold I -- -- yeah. My parents her aunt. Pay James Ellison and yet. It was it was it was I am I I feel like come on -- the ground with news. You can't even use likened he came to me last week -- -- sense. My mom I have been an issue. Happen either now that I do not sit oh yes he did say that nobody except my to us. Let me just fulfilled thinks is saying. On the industry feeling the need to -- -- -- -- would do anything Reno. And I -- I how proud you. Shots he's it's been notably his friend and -- -- yeah. I mean -- the exit the grandchildren substance that -- that they thought that but at least. It's really nice but I didn't see him yeah. May be wowed he's actually -- -- there it is a live on the interwebs he she is dropping guilt that mommy guilt right. -- like yeah. He's fairly good bowl. -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah versions in my opinion on really. And now and I'm happens we're -- -- -- I'm -- -- -- you -- -- happy birthday to you you know. -- Happy birthday dear. No mom happy birthday in this CEO. -- want this -- can doctor -- -- -- you gotta make another one. Birthday apple -- best method and -- might have but that. -- -- There aren't New -- Ana Marie -- -- happy -- your mama thinks -- know -- it's a little loud and thank you yeah. Yeah. And -- is important to us and his mom therefore it is very important to us out. Everybody happy birthday in jail and after. And also don't have hot copies accept. Your ears and your son created -- -- south. I'm very that we give you a little bed in honor you make you really are pregnant. I'm not really pregnant we stop it might. We stop messaging I give that. That you're just tuning and Josh has been -- turning all of -- may be great if you -- that -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Jimmy may not be beautiful be -- -- David Gemma. -- boy or girl aspect Gemma yeah. Ugly thank you look at that such a guy that I had to go -- everybody up -- season and also I think it's not just the human students getting into the spare. We want you check out these best of -- -- she's on these are from -- problems now all over the country there to see. Best -- I care if -- the pot party. And are hosting similar events across the country is a dog that Americans can celebrate spring and style that should know how much we love to see -- in clothing she doubts about the nature of. We -- we win we're I think -- I think it's been since particularly -- they don't dress -- Pets and eleven wearing clothes out of your -- your people continue as a -- -- And I I have to say -- put a couple jackets on. Public sounds even auto vice there -- good. Kicked out of American flight five given you about Hillary all the little guy with a breakfast -- -- a case that we you've you've put coats on just the cuts because girls like you broke like everybody got a little I'm. In -- thank you I never had have you as a dog tres or dot Dresser I mean do you do things for women. Yeah I went up and you get -- it would it would -- you have a woman you're -- -- you do things to get away from a. -- -- -- -- I go back and the other guy yeah. -- -- day. Any any other rumors you wanna start at the ballot you're sure you're not -- I'm sure positive you know last -- you hear -- for like an hour this -- -- writing a memoir of the slightly lower tonight and I Robinson -- as a special announcements the announcement that rob has writing a memoir -- -- -- We have when she would swingman rob -- I may have been between Erie told naughty list answered can you turn the evidence we've. I'm so proud of Jeremy baby though that wouldn't be -- literally use that would be -- Staten -- -- everybody's sick to my baby -- Lamar Hunt and there aren't sure -- gonna do a little play the that you're gonna do not get in their mind we allowed way are right let's go baby. Have rounded up today with the play of the day -- -- -- -- Mr. Netanyahu why do -- -- and I want my freedom that. Okay today play today in the video that doesn't really need it went to the dogs and if the animal that sounds like -- it and we'll take a look. I'm sure -- hope that it. They have -- to -- that -- the number over. No way no way that we haven't information -- cat on I did I want I would like to India -- -- -- means -- you apparently controlled. However didn't yeah glorified I didn't see that what his dad fishy I I think my feelings -- -- and I have to cut but nothing like to do these are we abetting these things are just throwing anything about a year. It's derived aptly named checked himself but we just put on anything I've ever -- and I are regularly. How you need to see a doctor -- the next. I would bring you go that's. I don't know right I think that's a great time in jail we love you happy -- day -- birthday. Here long -- and he's not dead. And I thank you -- that not everybody checking.

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{"id":19232238,"title":"GMA LIVE! (05.22.13)","duration":"14:52","description":"Josh, Lara and Sherrod chat about \"DWTS'\" finale and help celebrate a special \"GMA\" family birthday.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-live-052213-19232238","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}